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  1. Mink advice

    could be a polecat? still unable to load video on youtube
  2. Fox, was it a hit or a miss?

    It's not always a hit as I have found out . This has happened on two occasions on the same fox. I know it's still fit and well because i have seen it on my trail camera. How do I know it's the same fox very distinctive markings n the rear.
  3. Mink advice

    tried uploading on youtube but an issue with the fill.
  4. Mink advice

    Not sure if I can post videos on forum. If so how do I do it?
  5. Mink advice

    Checked the trail cam this morning and found a pair of mink running round by the pond. any recommendations for removal of said mink? Make of traps,advice, ect photo not as good as video thanks David
  6. Unforgettable high seat experience

    These monement are so specal, it's why I love being out and about.
  7. All-terrain tyres

    It an odd one, so many options. I went for another set of BFG AT as I was happy with my last set. If I put something diffrent on, may not have been happy, so why take the chance.
  8. For Sale: Pard NV019 Digital Spotter

    Went out again last night. Going to change to +4 to see if it's better. If anyone has influance with PARD can you get them to sort out a few little but annoying issues. As the eye pece is 49mm it lets out a massive amount of light. I can read my watch, open and close gates without using a...
  9. For Sale: Pard NV019 Digital Spotter

    As a glass wearer, using verifocals I was disappointed with the 019. No fit for purpose. Well following discussions on Facebook the easy solution it to buy a close up 49mm camera lens filter. I currently using a +3 while others are using+4. It works well resolving the focusing issues. It is...
  10. Big Game Hunting outfits banned from shooting show

    The nec will stop doing autosport in January if you follow my logic. The world is over heating and autosport is the motorsport show. It's not environmental friendly and the to stop this world polluter NEC should ban the autosport. Do you think they will, never , motorsport is too big. I would...
  11. Thank you Sam Austin

    I bought a Lee press from Sam Austin, He needed to send the primer arms and they got lost by Hermes. Sam as a decent and honourable chap ordered me new ones and had then shipped direct. Just a post to say thank you Sam David
  12. barrel length and burn times

    Roy Thanks. In a nut shell 223 max pressure either psi or cup have a value as found in SAAMI. To propel a bullet it needs x fps to stabilise. So find a powder with appropriate fps and pressure under the max. Is this about right? David
  13. barrel length and burn times

    Further reading. Looking at different powder at 55gr N133 gives 2989 to 3278 N135 gives 3041 to 3283 H322 gives 2953 to 3083 X-terminator gives 2936 to 3209 fps So treat me gently am I right your saying non are great for. 223 with 20" barrel? Taking the manufacturers min and max loads? Just...
  14. barrel length and burn times

    this is their load data. If its not suitable I will go back to the dealer and change it
  15. barrel length and burn times

    this is what I get. Is the issue the barrel length??
  16. barrel length and burn times

    OK had a look. X-terminator is designed for light to medium wgt bullets in. 223. Load data for 55gr vmax in min 21.3 max 23.5. For 53grBar XF 22.3 max 24.8 RoyR where did you find your load data please. It appears loads are high. Thanks David
  17. barrel length and burn times

    Sorry confused. Bullet is 53gr. Looking at the load data I think min is 22.1 and max was 24.8. But not at home to check
  18. barrel length and burn times

    So have come back with Ramshot X-Terminator. No idea if its good, bad or indifferent but at £35 felt it was in my price range, will get me started and if any good easy to get more as its local.
  19. barrel length and burn times

    Not sure till I get there. He say hodgdon, alliant not sure what else.
  20. barrel length and burn times

    They not got either n130 or n133