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  1. For Sale: Swarovski habicht 4-16x50 scope

    These are great scopes which got somewhat overshadowed by the z series. The TDS Reticle is great too. Good buy for someone.
  2. Brass value

    Quick question; what do we think once fired Hornady brass is worth? I have 240 cases in .243 Win and 100 in .308 Win that I need to move on. (proceeds to charity). All in its original 20rnd boxes. All clean brass and boxes in as new condition. (This is not a pseudo-auction style advertisement...
  3. Kimber importers UK

    It used to be Riflecraft I think, not sure if that is still the case. I don't think the brand is particularly well supported in the UK or at least it wasn't a couple of years ago. I had a bit of a problem with a rifle and it was a challenge getting it sorted out.
  4. Tags for the game dealer

    A Game Dealer with a heart? Fake news!
  5. Tags for the game dealer

    Yes, Melvin is fine, always had good banter with him. Still never offered me any free tags though! Only dealt with his Dad a few times and that was a few too many!
  6. Tags for the game dealer

    I must have put a couple of thousand deer through Bambridges and all Melvin ever gave me was abuse!! To be fair, I've been out of the game a few years now so no surprise things have moved on.
  7. Zeiss repair disappointment

    No disrespect intended but that is four or five times what the scope is worth! Did they send you a quote before undertaking the work? I had a similar situation with Zeiss UK a few years ago with a pair of older binos, they wanted twice the value of the item just to do a service, I only just...
  8. Tags for the game dealer

    Interesting topic, looks like I am a bit out of touch and that a few English Dealers do supply tags these days. Useful to know.
  9. Tags for the game dealer

    I think that's the point, they know how tight you are and know that no-one would use tags if they didn't supply them!!
  10. Tags for the game dealer

    That is a Scottish thing John. I don't know of any English AGHE's that supply tags.
  11. Tags for the game dealer
  12. For Sale: Highland Deerstalker by Colin Gibson and a few other cheap books

    The Colin Gibson book is a great read
  13. Zeiss repair disappointment

    Did that. They dispute that there is anything wrong with it. They sent it to an expert who sent back three x three shot groups on a rough old bit of paper which are conveniently just under the 1MOA that Sako guarantee. Odd because I couldn't get two rounds on the same bit of A4 with four...
  14. Zeiss repair disappointment

    Yes, it was brand new. The RFD has been very good and I have a long standing relationship with him involving both my private dealings and through my employer so I am not going to go down the road of taking action against him. I have been copied in on all the emails so I can see that GMK have...
  15. Zeiss repair disappointment

    I'm afraid that most of the big companies couldn't care less about customer service these days (Swarovski being the exception to the rule so far). I have just today got word that GMK are not going to honor the warranty on my brand new Sako Carbonlight so it will now be sold on at a considerable...
  16. Sold: Yamaha Kodiac 400 2006

    Hi, did you get my message?

    Good luck getting any help out of 'Action Fraud' or the UK Police. I was scammed a while ago and they did nothing despite me having all the details you could wish for. The banks were equally unhelpful. It seems to be a non-crime in their eyes. I doubt that it will help but you might get a...
  18. Wild justice challenge against releasing non native game birds

    Meanwhile, its one step forward and two back as usual in the shooting industry. It won't be Wild Justice that gets shooting stopped in the end, it will be idiots like this and the landowners, sporting agents and defence barristers that support them...
  19. Looking for deer stalkers in Aviemore/Cairngorms

    Hi Jim, you might get a better response if you include your Leeds University email address and a link to your project. Sadly people are quite wary of sharing information too freely these days. Best wishes, Glyn.
  20. Moderator causing scope movement..?

    The screws in the bases of optilocks are substantial, I very much doubt you will ever be able to strip the threads using normal tools. Just accept the obvious, forget the torque wrench and tighten them up properly! If you really must use a torque wrench for whatever reason then I suggest trying...