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  1. Bargain for someone near telford.

    I think they'll probably be on the turn by now. Wonder if that would get us a discount? :-|:lol:
  2. What do you do when...

    Learn to read the wind? :-|:rofl:
  3. Suzuki jimny thoughts?

    I was getting 35-odd to the gallon from mine as a daily driver. You might find the bigger engine is comparable cost-wise if you're primarily using it off-road as its just so torquey. And the off-road performance is absolutely incredible. Be worth at least a look, I reckon
  4. Woman attacked by cows.

    It happened twice last year, to my recollection. And at least once the year before. People just do not learn. I feel sorry for the dog. Poor sod probably had absolutely no chance
  5. Suzuki jimny thoughts?

    Have a look at the Nissan Terrano, perhaps? A lot bigger than the Jimney, but that would allow you to do away with the trailer and give you a LOT more flexibility. You should get a decent one for less than a couple of grand. I REALLY miss my old one. It was an absolutely superb truck! The 3.0...
  6. .223 Hornady Brass - No Expansion!!

    If you end up contacting the lands it may well cause a dangerous pressure spike if you're already exceeding the maximum load. I'd find a replacement powder and start over. It's only advice, so it's entirely up to you if you take it or not
  7. .223 Hornady Brass - No Expansion!!

    Those statements are a bit scary to read in the same post! I don't mean to sound deliberately harsh, but I certainly wouldn't be going anywhere NEAR maximum loads for the time being, let alone try to exceed them and chase the lands. My advice would be to start again and WORK-UP to a safe load...
  8. Gate painting.

    Bloody hell, is there no question asked on SD that doesn't have an expert waiting in the wings to answer!? :tiphat:
  9. Which other meat (if any) do you mix minced venison with?

    Pork shoulder at about 30% for me
  10. Soon to be leaving

    I'm utterly sick and tired of the whole thing now, for my part. It's been a complete farce for the last three years, and I can't see any end to it soon. In fact, I'm at the stage now where the very word 'Brexit' makes my arse cheeks clench in anger, and my utter contempt for the career...
  11. Deer fell into ditch after the shot

    Worrying about nothing in my view. There's more chance of contamination from a badly-butchered carcass I reckon
  12. At last / Mugabe was a progressive man

    95 years longer than he deserved
  13. Shroud moderators marking barrels

    My ASE Utra didn't have a rear bush from the outset. It lands out on the shoulder of the thread. Never had any issue with it, even though it's a hefty piece of kit.
  14. Ah yes the Aussie BBQ,all invited.

    I'm praying we find out next that she's a lesbian. The meme I have in mind should break the internet . . . :lol::lol:
  15. If I were a mod' . . . .

    Fine. I'll just leave this here, then :)
  16. If I were a mod' . . . .

    There's a WORLD of difference between incorrect spelling and the deliberate use of incorrect terminology. One is perhaps excusable, the other is laziness, pure and simple.
  17. If I were a mod' . . . .

    I appear to have touched a nerve with someone :-| :rofl:
  18. If I were a mod' . . . .

    Did you call him a knob? That would've warranted being called a knob. Or worse
  19. If I were a mod' . . . .

    Feel free not to bother getting involved mate
  20. If I were a mod' . . . .

    That tends to be my usual response following someone calling me a knob