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  1. Cracked laminate stock

    I found on my laminate stock of the Tikka T3 .270 has a crack / split / de-laminating at the front and rear end of the magazine & trigger mechanism hole. It seems to be developing where the layers of wood are bonded together. Its not wide nor long but obliviously its present. What to do -...
  2. Donna Kebab - Stalker style.

    I had a request from the boys at work to make some Donna Kebab meat, so thought id give it a crack. 300g Pork belly 600g Vension 50ml Water Pack of Donna seasoning mix from a well known auction site Mince the meat on the finest setting. Mix all ingredients into more of a paste rather than...
  3. Wanted: Tikka T3 rifle stock

    It would appear that i will need to go on the market for a Tikka T3 rifle stock. Stripped my rifle down for a good clean and found some splits in the laminate around the trigger mechanism / magazine hole in the stock. What have you got collecting dust? Ruari
  4. A memorable stalk

    With my wife away for the weekend, the boys plan was non-stop stalking. After 2 unsuccessful stalks, the 3rd stalk sees me on a different permission. Its a bit of a crappy damp day. The usual haunt is empty and the nearly 2yr springer isn't interested. Eventually I spot a doe with 2 followers...
  5. Sierra Gameking 90g fmj

    I've got a box of Sierra Gameking 90g FMJ for my .243. I was going to load them up as a deer round, but now starting to have doubts if they are suitable as they don't seem to be expanding. Have i bought the wrong bullet, is anybody else using them for game? Sierra Website: 6MM .243 CALIBER...
  6. Hello

    good evening from north ayrshire I've been stalking on local farms for a few years and looking to spend more time behind the scope. Had some fantastic days on the hills of Arran. I don't know why I didn't get into stalking earlier.