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  1. For Sale: Sauer 202 stutzen 30-06

    If it were 308 it’d be gone!...bump
  2. For Sale: Mauser m225 308 & scope

    very tempted as I have an empty slot and a matching 22lr....
  3. Swap: Roe bucks

    Are you purely after stalking or do you fancy quality game shooting?
  4. What’s it called, is there a name for it?

    Sounds like you are referring to the Salmon Muscle to me? It’s the slightly tapered almost cylindrical muscle that is attached to the silverside bed only separated by a thin seam of gristle. As for removing the silver strap “Absolutely”. It will break down when slow roasted but generally...
  5. .243 poor bullet choice or just a foxing caliber

    Well explained that man... Perfectly logical in every sense. Dodgy knees kindly educated me on this very topic some time ago. I have tried a few different offerings for my 243 and observed exactly what he is talking about. I can’t hold a candle to his reloading experience but can tell you...
  6. Sausage filler recommendations?

    If you can find an old F Dick commercial machine you can’t go far wrong. To be honest for the hobbiest any hand wound dedicated sausage stuffer will get decent results with practice. Avoid anything that combines a mincer with a stuffer handwound or electric. Have never seen one yet that...
  7. Good quality mincer

    Just my opinion but as a professional butcher I can not advise enough to buy decent quality here. Cheaply made mincers usually fail through overheated motors or poor electrics. They generally simply perform terribly. Most people don’t realise that as the meat is worked through the mincer it...
  8. Roe sack comparison

    Have the Apex and whilst I can’t fault it find myself looking at the Ogden Sika will be my next
  9. Bushwear Quad Sticks

    The ones I’ve seen are at Bushwear....apparently the Seeland product without the branding. I am not sure if these are the “Go Low” sticks or the originals...anyone know?
  10. Bushwear Quad Sticks

    Have you shot off of a set?...are they any good ?
  11. Bushwear Quad Sticks

    Hi All, Just seen that Bushwear have a special on their own brand Quadsticks...£50 Anyone used a set?... they look a lot like the seeland ones in the pics. Seriously tempted but what’s the word amongst those of you who have seen the in the flesh
  12. Sold: Clear out; daypacks, gaiters, sticks, GPS etc.

    What height do the sticks extend too please....
  13. Professional Burger Machine....SWAP?

    Hey all, Surplus to requirement I have this cracking & under-used commercial Burger machine. Uses 100mm burger papers (or plastics) and is adjustable to produce different weight burgers. What have you got too swap?...anything you don’t use that I might? Trigger sticks/quad sticks...
  14. A saw that can handle some abuse?

    £30 and a lot cheaper than replacing the knife or the wife!.. 19" Butchers saw, meat, fish, bone, deer saw top quality stainless steel | eBay
  15. A saw that can handle some abuse?

    Giving a cleaver or splitter to anyone with such an astonishing level of poor understanding is only going to end up in tears... literally In addition you really need a solid heavy duty worktop to effectively use them. Most people would like the axe like marks in their MDF wrapped B&Q worktop...
  16. Sold: Leica LRF 900 Scan Rangefinder

    Great price of kit & a bargain at that price...have a BUMP! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Sold: Sako 85 Hunter .308

    Hi there, for some reason can’t see pics? Standard or set trigger? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. For Sale: Monarch "Ghillie" Roe & Sika Sacks + FOC Mora Clipper

    +1 from a member with a penchant for pasties
  19. Which other meat (if any) do you mix minced venison with?

    Interesting thread folks. As with all things food this really comes down to personal preference. No right or wrong just what works for you (yourself) As a butcher when we make sausages or burgers its usually about pleasing as many people as you can most of the time ( we want to sell them!)...
  20. Leupold LTO...any good?

    Thanks for the honest feedback guys, much appreciated Any advice based on what you have used?