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  1. Trousers with abit of stretch?

    Fjallraven Keb. Have stretch panals in. They do a hunter version. Very good trousers but they come up long in the leg for a regular fit.
  2. Anyone for a new Defender ?

    Wow. Nice sweeping statement from the 18th century. Womenfolk and gaysters. FFS
  3. Anyone for a new Defender ?

    Get it into your head boys. This ISN'T a Defender replacement. It's got its name and that's it. LR has lost the market defender was in. Double cab pickups can now tow 3.5t so no need for a defender. This is a lifestyle vehicle. It will sell like hotcakes a. Due to its name b. Its not like...
  4. Scope for a PARD 007

    Shot this one the other night off a round bail. Thermal to spot then Pard did the rest. I had Mike Norris make a forward extending rail so I get correct eye relief Hawke scope
  5. Scope for a PARD 007

    I'm using a Hawke scope with mine. Shooting foxes out to 150m no probs.
  6. schmit & bender 8 by 56mm scope with il reticule

    I've got one. Great all round scope but the red dot is quite big. That's a good deal at Macleods Im looking to change mine for a Swaro Z6I 3-18x50BT for my 06 just to stretch its legs a bit.
  7. Any recommendations for a head torch?

    Coast torches headtorches are very good Andy. Worth looking at
  8. Anyone hunted state side?

    Also watch Randy Newburg on YouTube. He only does public land hunts and his pod casts are very good info about getting tags.
  9. For Sale: Miroku 20g mk60 grade 5

    I would love this gun to go next to my MK38. Shame no funds at the mo. It will make someone very happy to own that. Good luck.
  10. Wanted: Clapped out donor rifle and / or Mauser 98 action and / or wooden stock for 404 J project

    Got a PH re barreled with a lowther Walther heavy sporting barrel. 9.3x62 Work done by Mike Norris
  11. Drone come back

    I'm borrowing a Pard. Cracking bit of kit for the money.
  12. Pulsar Axion XM30

    So what's the difference between this one and the Key? Screen shots look good.
  13. Sold: Leather Ammunition Wallets

    Could you post a picture of your card wallets please. After something like that.
  14. Tags for the game dealer

    NGO, bds
  15. Fjallraven trousers fit?

    Waist normal. Legs are long. The first pair I had with adjustable ankles I got the length of leg shortened professionally. They removed the bottom of the legs. Shortened leg length and sewed the bottoms back on. I took my boots in with me and they got the correct length I wanted.
  16. How good is Cerakote?

    Send it to Tactical coatings in Hereford Paul. Top job and good blokes to deal with
  17. Tikka t3 30-06 homeloads

    I use 165gr hornady interlocks BTSP. The powder I'm using at the moment is Ramshot Big Game.56grains doing around 2700fps from my T3 lite. Changing over to N150 when I'm out as I use N150 for my 9.3x62
  18. Hornady American White tail - .308 150grn interlock

    Looking at that picture I would think the same But I use 165gr interlock boat tails out of my 06 doing around 2700fps. No problem at all. Like all bullets wrong place it gets messy. Now I loaded some Nosler 150bt. Shot 3 fox cubs on last light. Evaserated all 3 of them. Looked like I'd...
  19. Happy Birthday Paul O'

    Happy birthday Paul.
  20. For Sale: Vortex Viper 30mm High Scope Rings

    Did you sell these?