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  1. New Tata SUV is now out in India

    Not the first car to be called a Harrier. The best selling Lexus SUV, the RX300/400/450 has been selling in Japan as the Toyota Harrier for many years. It's quite possible that Tata have simply nicked the name from Toyota Cheers Bruce
  2. Night Vision & Thermal Demo Night and Sale, Oxford

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  3. Bright enough to read a newspaper..

    Agreed. I have a pal whose upstairs bedroom window overlooks a field on which he has some baits. He has his rifle/NV set up pointing out of the window ready to shoot Each night, when the TV adverts are on, he nips upstairs and checks to see if a fox is at the baits. If there is, he shoots it and...
  4. Bright enough to read a newspaper..

    I was thinking the same when I sat out last night, but had only been there 10 minutes when one appeared and was promptly dispatched. Sat for another 3 hours but didn't see any more. Cheers Bruce
  5. Dark Engine IR torch.

    It happens on both the dark enngine and the Solaris SRX IR illuminators. The Sirius XTL from IR lightbuilds incorporates a diffuser which eliminates the problem, and produces an evenly illuminated beam albeit slightly less bright than the dark engine or Solaris. Cheers Bruce
  6. 22 Hornet

    I really hope it work for you. I had a new spring fitted in mine - to no effect, and Hull cartridge could not supply an extractor claw that fitted. My theory - for what it's worth, is that the chamber is cut really tight and that when a round is fired, the brass is not able to "relax" after...
  7. Article - The Basics of Night Vision

    The mount on the new LRF version of the 008 is significantly stiffer and lengthened so that all 3 holes can be used and still get the scope back far enough (for most people) I just read that again, and just so as there's no confusion, I'm speaking about the mounting bracket that holds the PARD...
  8. Article - The Basics of Night Vision

    Thank you for coming onto the forum to respond. There is no UK law to prevent ownership and use of any class of laser. An offence is only committed if the user intentionally directs the laser at another person, or vehicle. Your link is to advice - not law, and that is confirmed by the use of...
  9. New Land Rover Defender

    Save £10K and buy a new Landcruiser - and never have any reliability issues. Cheers Bruce
  10. Thermal Imaging spotting monocular advice please

    You won't go wrong with a Helion XQ38F - still the best "bang for your buck" thermal monocular. And give Macleods a call, you might be surprised how much discount you can get. Cheers Bruce
  11. Need thermal scope

    Many sellers of Pulsar products won't advertise their best prices because if they give decent discounts, the big boys like Scott Country complain to the importer (Thomas Jacks) and the seller then gets a phone call from Thomas Jacks threatening to cut off their supply of Pulsar products. Call...
  12. .17 HMR

    I had an HW60 with the "production" stock, but changed for a 60J hogs back stock. Personally, I found the hogs back stock much nicer to look at and to use. Cheers Bruce
  13. .17 HMR

    Once the barrel length is long enough that all the powder is burned (AFAIK, about 12-14 inches in a 17HMR) then what's coming out of the end of the barrel is a bullet travelling at supersonic speed and thus producing a mini sonic boom (the "crack" sound) and the high velocity gas produced by the...
  14. .17 HMR

    Or you could consider a Weihrauch HW60J - a beautifully made rifle and the trigger is an absolute gem. Cheers Bruce

    Send it back to Thomas Jacks for repair or replacement Cheers Bruce
  16. Thermal Scope

    Paul, you have the version which, when you upgrade, results in a guy from Pulsar coming round to your house with a new stone tablet for it :D:D:D Cheers Bruce
  17. Medical form

    Kes, I'm afraid you have incorrectly described the situation in Scotland. The applicant receives the initial GP letter and is required to have it completed by the GP. This is not a medical report This letter basically lists the same medical conditions as are on the application form, and ask the...
  18. Article - The Basics of Night Vision

    I think you would have to contact him directly about that. Cheers Bruce
  19. Night sight problem

    It wouldn't cause any damage in the tube on a Photon, because there's only a small cable inside the tube - no glass Cheers Bruce
  20. Article - The Basics of Night Vision

    As far as repairs on PARD kit go, the only PARD authorised repair centre in the UK is Custom Riflescopes crs Cheers Bruce