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  1. Sold: PAC Dog training collar

    Thank you to all who showed an interest but numero uno got it. regards Martin
  2. Sold: PAC Dog training collar

    I had this for an errant Whippet that liked to chase Deer,and to be fair I only had to use it the once because if it is used properly that is usually all it takes........and yes I have used it on myself,but it does work! It’s all about making sure that the dog doesn’t realise that it’s you doing...
  3. Sold: Two tubs of unopened powder for sale

    I have a tub of Hodgden H4895 1lb @ £30.00 ono And a tub of IMR 3031 1lb @ £30.oo ono Pick up only and I am based between Bath and Chippenham
  4. Wanted: Hodgson H4895

    Hi,I have an unopened 1lb tub and I am based near Bath.
  5. I'm back..........

    Thanks to everyone for there welcoming posts. Martin
  6. I'm back..........

    Just remember one thing Neil,don't forget to look after yourself because it is very easy to get in too deep.It was the hardest thing I have ever done and that inlcudes slaughtering and contract boning for 11 hours a day! Good luck my friend you will need it,but don't forget even though after a...
  7. I'm back..........

    Hey,how's it going young man? Heard any news on our 'friend' at all the case must be coming up soon yeah? Martin
  8. I'm back..........

    Right I know I'm not a newbie to the site but as I haven't been able to get on for ages and I mean ages I thought I should re-introduce myself. I have been stalking for a number of years,but a few years ago my Mother that lived with me was diagnosed with dementia so I decided to pack in my Game...
  9. large red stag antlers

    I picked these up for £50
  10. New old member........

    Hi John,how's things mate?
  11. New old member........

    Hi all,it's been a bit,but changed computer and lost password and it's impossible to change password on this site for some reason,you can't even contact admin without signing in so I have come back in reincarnation from re'M'ington to Old Deer. regards Old Deer.
  12. For Sale: Real Butchers Block 2' x 2'

    I have a Butchers block for sale that has some wear commensurate with the age of it but will outlast any of us.It is £150 and you will have to pick up here near Bath. regards Martin
  13. I think I'll try for the sporting rights,what do you think

    Urban deer roaming around London's suburbs  | Daily Mail Online
  14. What bird

    Great pic btw
  15. Forest of Dean Wild Boar.

    Wicked John,but I expect you'll out do those soon enough.
  16. Forest of Dean Boar.

    My Mothers Social Worker showed me a photo on her phone of a very good Boar200lbs+ wandering up Lydney High St. John,and I bet there's some benches nearby to sit and wait on. Martin
  17. Rumen content - food or fatal?

    E-coli is present in everybodies gut,and we need it there,but the difference with E-coli and other 'Bad' gut germs is the rate it can multiply and the fact that we cannot cope with anywhere near the same amounts as the others.
  18. Sold: Single lean to high seat

    I'm in Batheaston near Bath and have a near new seat in excellent condition but at just short of 80 mls probably too far,but if not £100 and it's yours. Martin
  19. medical conditions affecting an FAC

    I was on Statins but suffered really bad with cramp so stopped taking them for 12 months then Doc said to restart on a lower dose and cramps straight back so stopped again and haven't restarted and probably won't.
  20. Home Larder Set Up Inspiration

    If you have the time/inclination you could check back through my posts and see what I did,it would of been around 5-6 yrs ago now. Martin