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    Hi guys I have just lost one of the weather covers on the end of my binos Any idea where best I can get one please ?

    Right guys I recently requested help in the form of objections to planning - I wont go over the same ground - but I have now set up an e-petition. Please help and rea this and if you agree please sign if for no other reason than it has taken the councils democracy department over a week to...
  3. Woodland Trust

    Hi guys Worth noting or partaking in the woodland trusts petition against HS 2 Its on their website and easy to do cheers

    Chaps I / my parish/ my town and much of its wildlife really could do with your help. We don't need money or physical bodies All I need is for you chaps to spend 5 minutes reading this and then if you agree with me - objecting to a plan to create a new monstrosity in the countryside. Before I...
  5. For Sale: JCB 3 C BACKHOE

    Hi chaps I have for sale an old old 1979/80 V plate JCB Backhoe digger It is 2WD and i have owned for the last couple of years and used in the farm yard. It has a 3 in 1 bucket on the front - a ditching bucket and forks. It has been very useful for me. Please dont expect a rolls royce as this is...
  6. Hi from Derbyshire

    Evening everyone Although a regular browser of the site I have never got round to making an introduction I am a keen game / pigeon and fox shooter and a relative novice to the world of deer stalking and management Well that's the hard bit done - back to enjoying and learning from others posts !