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  1. For Sale: 30 cal Hornady Bullets

    No longer using these as I now use a 7mm so they can go. 100 Hornady No. 3033 BTSP bullets in sealed box. £45 posted. 200 available.
  2. For Sale: .416 cal bullets

    I have 150 Barnes 325 grain ‘X’ Bullets no longer required since disposing of my 416 Rem Mag For sale at £100 posted.
  3. Sold: Varget for Hodgdon H4895

    One or two tubs straight swap for unopened tubs
  4. Sold: 6mm 87gr Hornady Vmax bullets

    I have a couple of hundred of these no longer required. £35 per 100 plus postage
  5. For Sale: 170 x .243 Sako cases

    Once fired Decapped and tumbled in pins £55 posted I found some more in the man cave so the offer is now 120 cases shipped for £30 - two available
  6. For Sale: For Sale -.243 brass -Winchester once fired

    Deprimed and tumbled in pins £25 per 100 incl postage
  7. Sold: .308 Win Norma brass

    Once fired Still with the fired primers in and as shot. £25 per 100 plus £3 for postage For an extra £5 I will full length size and deprime them and tumble them in pins
  8. Sold: .220 Swift Winchester and Remington brass

    50+ Winchester once fired cases. Tumbled in pins. £10 posted 50+ Remington once fired cases. Tumbled in pins. £10 posted Take both for £15 posted
  9. Sold: .220 Swift Norma brass

    100 Norma 220 Swift cases Once fired and deprimed Tumbled in pins £25 per 100 posted Cheap as chips!
  10. Sold: Nosler 6mm 86gr partition bullets

    I have an unopened box of 50 for sale - Nosler number 16314 £28 posted That should be 85gr
  11. Sold: Sako .243 brass

    144 x Sako 243 cases Once fired, deprimed and tumbled in pins £45 posted (not highlands and islands) BACS or Paypal
  12. Sold: Norma .243 brass

    80 x Norma 243 cases Once fired, deprimed and tumbled in pins £25 posted (not highlands and islands) BACS or Paypal
  13. Sold: 104 RWS 8mm brass

    8x57J headstamp once fired deprimed and tumbled in pins. £25 posted
  14. For Sale: Once fired .243 Norma and Sako brass

    I have 86 of each (I don't know how that came about?) once fired, deprimed and tumbled in pins. £20 each lot plus postage. Take both and get combined postage.
  15. For Sale: .450/400 3 1/4 - 10 rounds of Westley Richards ammunition

    I have 10 rounds of factory ammo that I really don't want to disassemble - does anybody have a need for it - a nominal £10 fee plus carriage to your RFD or collect it yourself
  16. Sold: Once fired .243 Federal headstamp brass

    I have 100 (at least - still finding more in my man cave!) in their plastic sleeves for sale. I'm using the RP brass that no one else seems to like! Anyway - 100 for £20 plus carriage at cost
  17. For Sale: Once fired .243 RP headstamp brass

    100 Once fired, deprimed and tumbled in pins. Excellent brass at £25 posted. Except highlands and islands Advertised elsewhere
  18. For Sale: Norma 308 once fired cases

    148 cases up for grabs (goodness knows where the other 2 went!) Decapped and tumbled in pins - nice and shiny with clean primer pockets I'm asking £45 for them to include shipping
  19. For Sale: Finnfire Range P94S

    The recent acquisition of another Finnfire (varmint model) has freed up my much loved Range. It has been wearing another stock for benchrest and I estimate it has fired in the order of 2000 rounds - mainly RWS R50 ammo. The original pristine stock is now back on it It is an absolute tack driver...
  20. For Sale: Once fired 30-30 brass by Winchester

    105 of these little beauties. Continuing my clear out of unwanted stuff - I bought these a few years ago to use in my Marlin. The gun had microgrrove rifling and didn't like cast boolits and also the stock was too short for me. After a sniper eye it went the journey and was replaced by a much...