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  1. Howa mini

    Have any been imported yet, seen some good reports from overseas cheers.
  2. C-more scope

    Rather intrigued by this scope, but cant find any user review online. Has anyone used one? cheers jd
  3. I feel like a novice

    In the seemingly never ending quest for the perfect scope, i have looked through a lot over the last year. been a bit puzzled by the latest viewing. Cheaper scopes, the instructions usually state to focus eyepiece to get cross hairs in best focus, The target is normally in focus all the time...
  4. bbc badger poll

    Do you believe gassing to be the most effective method for culling badgers? | Please vote if you care
  5. Devon/Cornwall

    Any call or suggestions for a day meet up, see what you use, shoot a few targets, tell a few tales etc?
  6. illuminated dot or whole reticule

    After looking through a photon was impressed by the dot ret. I see some scopes are now available with a centre dot. has anyone used this and kept it, or is a standard cross hair still the best? Looking at meopta 3/10 x 44
  7. Testing a scope

    Can a colliminator be used to test the tracking of a vari power scope?
  8. Scope mounting

    Has anybody got real life experience using 2 scopes on a CZ 452? thinking of a day scope and a photon. Have been trying 2 different scopes and interchanging for a while now and not really noticing any change of point of impact when taking 1 scope complete with rings and replacing with another...
  9. dashboard camera as a spotter

    Been having a bit of a ponder. Just how good are the dash cameras in the dark? could one be used as a spotter when driving around the fields at night without having the lights on.