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  1. Wanted: Contessa QD mount for picatinny rail 1 inch rings

    As above wanted.
  2. Sold: .243 Tikka 595

    That is a lot of rifle for the money, surprised somebody hasn't bitten your hand off
  3. Large Muntjac buck

    Had one a couple of weeks ago that was 29lbs larder weight
  4. Wanted: Warne 1 inch QD mounts

  5. Ways of contracting Lymes?

    Tried that but they kept falling off my old chap !!!
  6. Rapid seven overall

    Google ben Talor theoben repairs. Will take you to his site. If I remember correctly his son works with him now.
  7. Rapid seven overall

    Ben Taylor still does repairs but not under the theoben name.
  8. Wanted: Warne 1 inch QD mounts

    Warne QD mounts 1 inch, low. To fit picatinny rail.
  9. Alan rhone

    Allways had excellent service from them

    They just use that address as a front to look respectable after cloning their website. They are not connected with them in any way, they are as much a victim.
  11. For Sale: D'Most handmade knives

    Just taken delivery of a knife and the quality is outstanding.
  12. Recommended Private Health Practice in the Bolton Area

    Totally agree, it is a mess with all the forces playing by their own rules. I had to pay £100 for a doctors letter other practitioners do it free. Cant see it getting better soon.
  13. Recommended Private Health Practice in the Bolton Area

    I dont disagree, but it's only ok if you have the time and the money to process it through the courts. For most people they would rather pay a private doctor's fee and get their fac back than spend 18 months without it going through a potentially very costly court case.
  14. Recommended Private Health Practice in the Bolton Area

    Unfortunately that is only guidance and not law. If the police want to dig their heels in you would have to resort to the courts.
  15. For Sale: BSA CF2 Target stock

    Brand new unfinished target stock long action. £50
  16. Wanted: BSA CF2. Trigger

    John knibbs has got a new one in stock on their website for £65.
  17. Wanted: BSA CF2. Trigger

    Brownells had them in stock a while back.
  18. Campervans

    Get a good divorce lawyer. A couple of days cooped up in a campervan with the wife and grandkids and you will need one.
  19. Facebook, Animal Aid Post.

    The OP quoted a game farm not a poultry unit so they would not be killing Male chicks.
  20. Bone saw recommendations?

    Friend bought one a couple of months ago and it is fine. What was the problem with your one ?