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  1. Wanted: Mitsibishi l200 warrior turbo

    Try these guys, they have an exchange service: Midland Turbo - Turbocharger Repairs, Upgrades - Shop online Now!
  2. 6.5x55 Intro

  3. This PC thing??

    Haha indeed, hoist by his own petard! It just illustrates how toxic and stupid the whole position is
  4. This PC thing??

    As Christopher Hitchens said, there are no limits to the lengths that some people will go to, to get offended.
  5. Trousers with abit of stretch?

    Ticks? :D
  6. Avoiding Confrontations

    Excuse my ignorance but what is an ICAD number?
  7. Help ID This Please

    I wonder if you have a local amateur geologists group? Guys like that are usually very helpful.
  8. Deer stalking is doomed

    Let's hope he doesn't 'extend' his interests to Boar hunting!
  9. Anyone fancy a new pickup?

    Me likey!
  10. Help ID This Please

    Have you got a magnet?
  11. Moderator vs Muzzle Brake

    A pal of mine uses a similar style of brake on his .308. He recounted a funny tale about messing about with it and getting the orientation wrong when he and his shooting buddy were on their private target practice area. He took a shot swiftly followed by twigs and leaves raining down from above...
  12. British isles peoples?

    Is this one?
  13. Sub 12ft/lb Air Rifles for Rabbits

    I'm intrigued too. I have an Air Arms PCP in .177 which is great. I owned a Theoben gas ram rifle for over 20 years and it never gave one jot of trouble.
  14. Vinyl Friday


    I'd say you're bang on looking at the paper trail on Companies House.
  16. Guns in cabinet

    The only limit is what won't fit in!
  17. What rifle?

    Oddly enough I left BASC this year for SACS but still ended up receiving the BASC magazine yesterday. That rifle just jumped out of the page at me, lovely looking thing!
  18. Best pattern for UK

    Now I am disappointed. I always pictured you wandering around dressed as a giant rook! On the sensible side though your comment about hiding from people is bang on. I remember being quite surprised when I first saw hi-viz disruptive pattern clothing in the USA until an American pal educated me...
  19. The devil made me do it, demon drink time

    Just bottled our sloe gin from last year along with our first ever batch of Blackberry Whiskey. Hmmmmmm
  20. Leica Binocular probs

    Lenses all nice and clean?