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  1. Is this the lowest venison prices ??

    Well I know for a fact their not shot, as a keeper mate had to go and shoot a lame one for the farmer
  2. Is this the lowest venison prices ??

    They are slaughtered Like cattle in a slaughterhouse, there is a guy up the road who has a small herd of reds and is building it up, I think he’s getting about £9/kg so a keeper mate of mine said.
  3. Soon to be leaving

    BoJo has no idea what he’s up to, his cronies are only lining their own pockets and whispering bright ideas into his head you can see that a mile off.
  4. Soon to be leaving

    Which ever way you see it BoJo is up the creek without a paddle, especially if he’s lied to the Queen ! The government is falling apart and scrabbling about to try and polish the turd they have created. Now i HATE Corbyn with a passion and hell will freeze over before I vote labour, but at...
  5. Is this the lowest venison prices ??

    I’ve given away i don’t know how many 100‘s of kg over the years, i only run in to the dealer any surplus red deer that I have no room in the freezer for. But muntjac I give away all the time, or barter for favours, i would rather give it away than be paid 50p/kg for it.
  6. Is this the lowest venison prices ??

    That’s been the going rate for muntjac and cwd for a long time! Better off filling the freezer
  7. Monty Python meets Brexit

    Ive already seen it! Hilarious
  8. Anyone hunted state side?

    Drop @devon deer stalker a pm I’m sure he will point you in the right direction.
  9. Has Boris shot himself in the foot.

    Good grief a can’t believe someone was that sad they typed that lot out! Spot on !
  10. BREXIT MARCH - anyone up for it ?

    I wasn’t disputing the amount of money being paid, it’s that monthly amount being allocated back into the coffers.
  11. BREXIT MARCH - anyone up for it ?

    I’ll believe that when I see it, proof is in the pudding all financial hear say until proven otherwise.
  12. No dam wonder eh

    As a poultry farm manager agree 100% with you, the live stock market is the most volatile, Boom and bust always has been and always will be.
  13. At last / Mugabe was a progressive man

    My exact words when I saw the news online this morning! My mother in law who is the most non racist person in the world who was teaching in Africa at the around the time it all kicked off, still says to this day what Africa needs is some one to protect it from their own people! I have several...
  14. Has Boris shot himself in the foot.

    May as well make the best of the situation! The only good thing about this brexit uncertainty is that wheat prices are low which is making the chicken feed my boss buys about £30/T cheaper therefore the company makes a few quid happy days. Not good for arable farmers though, but great for...
  15. Opinion poll on Brexit alternatives

    Looking that way
  16. Has Boris shot himself in the foot.

    Well on the bright side, if brexit is delayed AGAIN that means hassle free travel to the continent with firearms for those of us who enjoy the hunting culture on the other side of the channel. Finger crossed
  17. No dam wonder eh

    I agree but the same french millionaire farmer can soon make his books look bad just the same as a millionaire UK farmer to make sure they get the maximum they are entitled to! Same as paying tax, run at a loss pay no tax and run on borrowed money and as long as debts are serviced carry on...
  18. Has Boris shot himself in the foot.

    Option 3 sounds about right!
  19. For Sale: Top working GWP litter

    Wag is situated about 30mins further up the A11 on the outskirts of Norwich.