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  1. Wanted in dorset place to zero and practice

    Christchurch club have a 50mtr live range ( not the longest in the world), but the go have regular bisley outings. And subs are very reasonable.
  2. Sak Mod

    From memory, the cavities in the SAK are offset to the passage of the bullet. At least the 22lr versions were. So looking down the bullet path, the hole may well appear oval. If you strip it and pass a cleaning rod down through the baffle assy, you should be able to gauge if there is any...
  3. CZ Mounts??

    If you fancy some metal bashing.... I brought some weaver type rails, which are designed to screw onto a receiver body. I milled a slot in the underside of the rail, to allow it to sit the rail over the 11mm dovetail, and register on the receiver. Then drill and tap the receiver, and screw it...
  4. 357 magnum rifle

    A point to mention, looking at it from the target shooting side..... The range will probably be certificated for 1705fps and 475ft-lb. Full load 357 S&W Magnums are probabnly going to be above that. So stick to the 'cowboy' loads (slightly lower energy) to keep within the limits. Few shooters...
  5. TV police

    I have a pet telly, called Eric. The last TV detector vans just had a stick on antenna cluster and drove around to frighten people. Now the guys just drive around in unmarked (prob their own) cars, and the detector equipment is a list of addresses with no tv licence and have not replied to the...
  6. Stainless steel tumbling

    I use SS pins, warm water, a squirt of washing up liquid and some dishwasher rinse aid. I don't get get that golden shine either. But cases come out spotless. Can't find a full ingredient list for the rinse agent, but no mention of citric acid. So wonder if that is a red herring? I'd attribute...
  7. If ever there was a reminder to be careful!

    There were a whole shipment of airguns came into the country a few years ago. From Spain? They were over the 12ft-lb, but no-one realised, as the laws in the origin country were different. They are all out there somewhere. To die from a 12ft-lb ish airgun is unlucky. And in this case, very sad.
  8. Reloading and licence

    A long reply to multiple posts here... I have a vauge recollection that there was a test case. And it was decided that having primed cases showed an intent to manufacture live rounds. But I have some 38spl shot shells, and 38spl blanks. So though my having primed 38 cases, there is an intent...
  9. Reloading and licence

    On one of our ranges, the insurers require you to sign a homeloading declaration (NSRA insurance). One of the requirements in this is that you will only shoot homeloads made by yourself. So we have done the same for a handful of people, and had the person who wants to shoot, come over and do the...
  10. Reloading and licence

    I don't have the links to hand. But from memory, there were MP's submissions at the commitee stages for the recent Offensive Weapons Bill. Also a calls for controls by the ACPO (or NPCC, or whatever thsy are called now), after a Birmingham RFD was trading in obsolete sect 58 guns, and then...
  11. Reloading and licence

    I have a very strong feeling that there will be some controls coming down the pipe for homeloading, in the not to distant future. There have been a couple of cases recentkly, that caused questions to be riased by MPs. And the police have never liked it. As they have no control. Normal...
  12. Reloading and licence

    An aisde .... There are a few occasions whwere you can make entries on your FAC. For example when you aquire a gun from yourself. Such as, transfering a section 58 antique that you have permission for. Or when you have built or converted a gun.
  13. Just been re visiting some favourite films.

    Just had to buy a copy of Police Academy, off ebay. Just for old times sake, as it came out whilst I was a young teen. (A whole £1.50 !) Though the most classic film ever: "He's not the mesiah, he's a very naughty boy!"
  14. For Sale: SAKO 75 ACTION lll now in 308 Win

    I like to do these things myself. But not being an RFD it gets.... complicated. Even whenwhat you are doing is legal. I do envy the US lads when it comes to these things! Sorry to hijack a thread. Hope you get a buyer. The 75 is a really nice action.
  15. Cost of reloading

    I've had a go at powder coating. If you can get the powder to adhear uniformally, you're good to go. I have found that the wire baskets I use in the little pie oven, start to get crudded up with powder coat ofter a few uses, and the bullets stick and cone out a mess. Though often, even quite...
  16. Cost of reloading

    Yep, that's the chappie. A friend passed away recently used to own it, and his widow sold it on to me. Nice little momento from his collection. But, after I typed that, a friend turned up with some offerings. The front haunches from his first ever roe shot, and a bag of starline 9mm largo...
  17. Vegan Diet - Most of us are on one

    A friend mentioned that at a recent yYoung Farmers reunion (ie. not so young any more).... The veggi option on the menu was, chicken.
  18. Cost of reloading

    Same for me. (Historic/obscure ammo) I am currently turning down the rims and shortening 38spl to make 9mm Largo.
  19. Firearms ammunition of deceased relative

    Our club list had CCI Blazer at just under £6 /100 last time I looked. Though a new list is due to go up. And I bet they have increased.
  20. Cost of reloading

    They say that a woman will spend £5 on a £10 item that she doesn't want. A man will spend £10 on a £5 item that he does want. Then again, 'it was a bargain, but I shall never wear it', probably stacks up against yet another £5 side by side non ejector that we came back with from the auction with!