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  1. Wanted: Dog box

    I changed mine when I got my l200 and they could not of been more helpfull! My spaniel loves her box and will go in quicker then I can open the door!
  2. Wanted: Dog box

    Check transk9 website for used boxs, they often have ones from customers who change their box due to a change of vehicle. I can't rate them enough, and their boxs really are top quality!
  3. Weight of GRS stocks vs factory?

    I have a beserk on my t3 varmint. It does add to the weight, however I'm a big lad and don't mind lugging it around the hills for reds or woodlands. Strong, stable and adjustable, to me it's worth the extra weight.
  4. Sold: Transk9 dog box: B16ss

    Saturday evening price reduction....£260.
  5. Sold: Transk9 dog box: B16ss

    Fantastic B16ss space saver dog box from transK9. This box has been well used but in excellent condition, comes with bumper protection mat as seen in photos. cleaned and ready to go. Change of car forces sale. This dog box is excellent for safe travel of your dog and peace of mind.Our springer...
  6. gamebrel and hiost

    Sorry but I'll disagree, Keith's will handle fallow and I've even used the pully to drag a big red into the back of my truck before!! That's using the cord that comes with it!
  7. Roe rut

    I've had does to within 15 yards off a buttalo, but not one interested buck yet, although I have noticed that the big ones have started showing again after disappearing for the last few weeks!
  8. Steiner vs Kahles vs Meopta , Scopes ?

    No experience with there scopes but I have Steiner binos 8x42 hunters, and a swarovski scope. I only get a few minutes more on the scope compaired to the binos. However those minutes are not when you want to be shooting if at the end of the day, and still too dark first thing to ID if it's the...
  9. Wanted: Blaser 30-06 or 270

    Thanks Rutland. I'll give them a look/call
  10. Wanted: Blaser 30-06 or 270

    Evening all, I'm looking for a blaser in 30-06 or 270 preferably the R93 rather than R8. But would consider the R8 at the right price. If anyone is looking to move one on in good condition I would be highly interested. Thanks Yellow Belly
  11. monolithic on roe any experience ?

    Andy what powder are you using for the 130gr fox? Also could you pm me some load data you use for them as I intend to start reloading for them! Cheers
  12. Seirra Pro hunter vs game king

    Personally I find the 125gr pro hunters (2900 fps) in .308 give far greater meat damage compared to 150gr GameKing (2770fps).
  13. Old range finding reticle

    My guess would be......if a roe (for example) fits it's back on the top line and belly on the bottom it's at a predetermined range, if one touches and the other does not it's further than the predetermined range. If the belly and back are greater than the two lines it's closer than the...
  14. Roe sack comparison

    Another for Ogden here, I have fitted 4 muntjac in one morning and on another 2 roe no problems. Comfortable to carry the deer and on the shoulder strap is a hook for your rifle sling to stop it falling off while extracting the deer!
  15. Recommendations for a day pack for hill - forest stalking

    Another vote for Ogdens here, great waist pack, 2 roe or 4 muntjac with ease!
  16. Wanted: EFAW+F Moray area

    Thanks Stew but I'm already booked on mate! REgards Matt
  17. For Sale: Tikka T3 30-06

    Still waiting on pictures please.
  18. Wanted: EFAW+F Moray area

    Thanks blitzking, already sorted with one out by Nairn.
  19. Fox non-toxic bullets

    No worries Dexter. I have one of a head shot muntjac if you wish me to PM it to you? I have seen what red stags look like and can assure you that it looks like less damage then the roe shows. And it dropped the stag on the spot!
  20. Fox non-toxic bullets

    Dexter scroll to through this thread, or just to the top of this page of the thread and see the roe carcass I posted and another by Andy-shooter .