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  1. Sika spotted near Hawick/A68

    Won’t be long before I’ve got them here then. Happy days!
  2. Sika spotted near Hawick/A68

    East or carfraemill? How reliable are the sightings?
  3. Any recommendations for a head torch?

    I'd always go USB rechargeable, batteries are a pain, Ive had loads of battery powered lamps over the years and the Nao is miles better. when using the reactive light the burn time is 15 hours which is more than enough, then you can charge it from the socket in the car. The reactive lighting is...
  4. Any recommendations for a head torch?

    I have the petzl nao, which isn’t cheap but I got it for work really so I can justify the cost. It’s not a spot but it’s crazy bright, Like having a car headlight on your head. The reactive technology is good, it extends battery life. Charges off a usb too.
  5. Quick question

  6. Quick question

    Just being lazy, to save me a load of ringing round / googling. I have some friends coming over from Norway in January, I need to get a permit for them to bring their rifles. How do I go about this? I'm in Scotland.
  7. New Land Rover Defender

    Ive been holding out for this, my current defender has now done 130k and i'm still happy with it, it has been very reliable, despite the reputation. £45k though!! jesus that more than twice what I paid for mine new. RE all the electronics, I just don't think you can avoid it these days, all the...
  8. Motive: the difference between hunting being acceptable or not.

    The issue is that even though the elephant/lion/hippo whatever was eaten by the locals (and possibly the hunter) The Hunter doesn’t choose to post pictures of a pot of stew or a burger does he? He posts a picture of himself in front of the dead beast with him and his rifle. When that changes...
  9. For Sale: SWAZI THAR

    Why are these always XL when they come up for sale? Have a bump on me..
  10. Best way to dispatch large domestic ducks?

    In france where they eat a sh1t load of ducks they use a funnel mounted on the wall. like the traffic cone mentioned earlier, stuff head through and then slit throat, blood drains into a bucket. BTW if you're used to ringing the necks of chickens and pheasants a duck is a whole different ball...
  11. Precision Rifle League Officially Launched

    I couldn’t make the first meet at eskdalemuir, I was hoping to go to the September one. I won’t be now obviously. So what happened? What went wrong.?
  12. What to buy in Cabelas

    I’m in the states just now. Going to pop in to cabelas before I return. Any suggestions as to what to buy? Looking for stuff that’s hard to find at home or just a bargain here. Don’t say a semi auto. Lol
  13. Drill Bit woes!

    It’s not the bits it’s the drill. As has been said and SDS will do the job. I have the 18v Makita cordless, it’s really good. I had to drilll holes in stone paving slabs last week I’d didnt have the right size bit in SDS so I used the normal hammer drill. It was hopeless, loads of heat and after...
  14. 7.62 SLR

    I saw one at Edinburgh rifles the other day.
  15. My latest knife completed- don't show the wife!

    Candle wax should be easy.
  16. My latest knife completed- don't show the wife!

    The elm is fairly dry, the yew is green, i’ll leave it to dry slowly. Once I get my band saw i’ll be able to cut up the better bits. What kind of wax do you use for sealing?
  17. My latest knife completed- don't show the wife!

    @Peter Eaton A few random bits of wood I cut up with the PTO circular saw, (still got all my fingers!) The best stuff is still to cut as I’m waiting for my new band saw..
  18. Chainsaw pros, advice please

    Another vote for the 346. We have a couple , plus some 357's (also good) and some Stihls and dolmars. The 5 series huskies performance is great but they are made of chocolate, as are the lates Stihls. the 3 series huskies are about as good as you'll get. That said the Makitas / Dolmars (same...
  19. Alan Wilson - WTF?!

    I remember delivering pheasants there years ago, they do have a wee bit of moor but I’m not sure it’s driven, further up the road there’s driven grouse but that’s a different estate.
  20. Alan Wilson - WTF?!

    This was public knowledge ages ago. Seems like it’s been saved for now in the run up to the 12 th.