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  1. Lymes

    A good thing to know about ticks is they always crawl upwards never down .
  2. For Sale: Awesome Ex-Demo deals on Thermal and NV

    Is there any ex-demo WT1-75-3’s available ?
  3. Catch and release ?

    I’d say more like 10lb / 12lb
  4. Catch and release ?

    Fine fish , well done
  5. Hornet ?

    Ah just seen the name above , never mind :lol:
  6. Hornet ?

    What’s the name of the app ?
  7. newbie question about classifieds

    I have done , since February :rolleyes: and about 60 posts
  8. newbie question about classifieds

    Is that a **** take or I’d there such a thing ?
  9. Clasifieds

    Following :-|
  10. newbie question about classifieds

    Iv been here since February and well over 30 posts and I still am not “ privileged “ to post in the classified section :banghead:
  11. Fridges?

    Lots of double door “coke” fridges to be got if you look around for them .
  12. Unusual Buck

    Beautiful head :thumb: :thumb:
  13. Skull whitening?

    Don’t laugh but brilliant white ceiling paint doesn’t do too bad of a job , Iv done a few heads that way that Iv left I boiled and rotting too long .
  14. Staining a Head

    Christ ! You’ve ruined it :oops:, Potassium permanganate or even simple old strong tea next time
  15. Hi guys

    Hi fellow feildsports men, Iv been on here since feb and I haven’t introduced myself, Iv been a field sports enthusiast since I could keep up with my father over 40 years ago , in the early days it was trout and salmon, pheasants in the winter , then as I got older I found my way into deer...
  16. Crap range day

    Nice watery backstop :lol:
  17. A few deer photos.

    Some great pics there :thumb:
  18. Caught on the trail camera

    Nice buck but a bit more growing to do
  19. Would anybody like to add some speech bubbles to this?

    “I finger blasted Camilla with this hand, you smug twat “
  20. Sika Sika every where....

    Manchurian Sika , not the same ones we have here , still a fine stag