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  1. Rust prevention

    I've just changed to new for me product. It's a lanolin based lubricant called Lanox. Don't know if you can get it in Europe. The inside of my firearms safe now smells like a shearing shed. Cheers
  2. Rust prevention

    I collect the silica bags that you find in packaging and throw them in my safe. The floor is covered with them. I also keep a Ziplock bag containing an oily micro-fibre cloth in the safe. Rifles get a wipe when they're put back. Cheers
  3. Sturdies wellies

    Want a good pair of wellies? NZ Skellerups are the go. I use the lined Quattro model. Stalking on slopes and in the hills I'd be using a good leather boot. My choice there is the Meindl Dovre Extreme. Cheers
  4. 260rem or 6.5 cm

    True, though in my case, my stock of Lapua .260 cases and my barrel will certainly outlast me ;) Cheers
  5. SK Subsonic HP 22LR ammo availability?

    Maybe a bit too far from Banbury but I have two bricks on a shelf in my ammo safe :) Cheers
  6. 260rem or 6.5 cm

    I have a Sako 85 in .260 Rem. In what Sako call a short action. Shorter than the 6.5 x 55 by about 10mm I think. Cheers
  7. Your favourite .222 Remington loads

    A load that works for me in my Sako AI is: Lapua brass CCI 400 primer Hornady Z-Max 50gr projectile 20.3gr ADI 2207 powder (I believe that this is the, for the UK, elusive IMR 4198/H 4198) Length to ogive: 1.749" MV (57cm barrel): 936m/s (3070fps) Best group when load testing: 0.23MOA @ 100m...
  8. What calibre. ?

    You said it! I'm really getting worried. Seems that my .222, .223's, .308 and even my .260 just won't work any more. Cheers
  9. Best handheld rangefinders (not bins)

    I have a Bushnell G-Force DX. Had it for three years now. It gives a reading out to about 850 - 900 metres which is more than enough for my shooting. How accurate is it? Don't really know. Certainly more accurate than any method I used before I acquired it. Cheers
  10. Caliber for Swedish Moose

    +1 When I lived in Sweden I used my .308 with Norma 165gr Oryx or Sierra 165gr HPBT's. Both did an excellent job. Definitely a good idea to have a go at the running moose target. Cheers
  11. First foxes and a great night it was!

    Nice time of the year to be out and about in the bush. It*d be you and the Joe Blakes. Cheers
  12. Show Us Your Rabbiting Knife

    That is one thick knife :) Cheers
  13. 260 rem loads

    This won't help you much these days but I use ADI AR2209 which is made down here but sold in the US and other places as H4350. No longer available in the EU I understand. Under Lapua Scenar 139gr it makes for an extremely accurate round out of my 60cm, 1:8" barrel. Have just loaded up a bunch of...
  14. stock treatment

    On my walnuts I first use CCI Gunstock Conditioning Oil then after a week or so give them a wax with a Carnauba and Beeswax product. Do this twice a year. Can be comfortably done while watching tele (waxed two last night while watching the Kiwis thump India). Cheers
  15. What do people currently think about .222 Remington?

    Have been fiddling at bit with loads for my .222. Have settled on this for the present: 20.3gr ADI 2207 (H4198, VV N130 equivalent) under a 50gr Hornady Z-Max. Use Lapua cases and CCI 400 SR primers. Decided on upper right group ;). After sight adjustment fired three more at the bull. After...
  16. 223 55gr Sierra varmiter round

    There are two projectiles designated Varminter, the Spitzer Blitz (1345) and the SPT (1360). Have not used them but have had good results with the 55gr BlitzKing (1455). I use these primarily for foxes and when culling kangaroos. Have dropped two fallow spikers that we "stumbled" over one night...
  17. Powder

    When I had access to VV I used N133 under Sierra GK 55gr HPBT in my .223 Rem 60cm, 1:12 Varmint barrel. Deadly accurate. Cheers
  18. Blaser grs stock bedding

    I hope I'm not hijacking here but thought it might be a good spot to present my GRS question. I have a Sako 85 .260 Rem (short action) in a GRS Sporter stock. GRS recommend bedding but in this case it is not a warranty requirement. I have been thinking about pillar bedding it and read with great...
  19. Reloading 222

    I was just made aware that I'd made a slight mistake in the above. ADI 2207 is close to VV N130, not N120. The stupid editing time-out thingy doesn't allow you to fix things like this. Cheers
  20. Reloading 222

    Yep, know all that. But they a were (are) cheaper. Even in bulk Cheers