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  1. Wanted: large antler

    Pal of mine next door , is making his sons a large Bowie knife each and would like stag antler to finish off the handles ,So iam on the ponce for some has to be Min 7"long and an adults hand full when gripped , if you can get the deer to grow a slight curve this would be even better four...

    Some time ago on this site a member was trolled and baited after another multi deaths in the USA yet again , such as you should't have a cert ect ect your this your that :zzz: ,when he said to there are far to many guns in the USA in nutters hands and it will =more child etc deaths ! Well...
  3. Looking for 300 win mag once used brass

    Anyone selling 300WM once fired brass PM's please
  4. Pepper filled paint balls for non-leathel roof pest control

    As said do's any one know if they are sold in the uk ? I can't kill the flying rats that are crapping all over our cars and roof's ? but I know they hate Pepper but its getting it to them in a cloud I am trying to do . I can't find town flying rats on the GL and if the home owner can kill with...

    Any one got any or both of these for sale before I buy new hornady 6.5 / 264 comparator insert and a Hornady seating stem 143 eld for the 6.5 cm dies :tiphat:

  7. For Sale: BURRIS XTR 34mm signature adjustable MOA

    Iam Selling a set of BURRIS XTR 34mm signature adjustable MOA mounts , These are High rings for use with a picatinny rail. just got these off a SD member but gone for another type of mount would like £70 inc post :tiphat: .
  8. Sold: BLUE wildcat evo

    Looking for a blue wildcat evo baffle 6.5 anyone got one rolling around for sale :tiphat:

  10. Sold: H322 for sale

    ONE LEFT Few unopened tubs of H322 for sale £40 per buyer collects unless nr Southend on sea then can meet up
  11. Wanted

    Anyone got any H414 ( ESSEX )
  12. The end

    On Reading and viewing the dross around the GL and how this has impacted the average joe , who go's along on an invite like me to be an added gun for Pest control to help save someone's crops. So ? I have not got my own land so I can't enter it on the forms needed to obtain a bit of paper to...
  13. A good rant

    not a fan of the guy but what a good rant JEREMY CLARKSON april 28 2019, 12:01am, the sunday times Jeremy Clarkson: forget Chris Packham’s coup — we farmers speak the only language pigeons understand jeremy clarkson Fishing. It’s not one of my specialist subjects. I do not want to stand up to...
  14. For Sale: 30 -06 Small body die

    Have a new unused 30-06 small body die for sale I got it to solve a problem I did't have in the end. I would like £40 posted cost off spud Redding Small Base Body Dies – .30-06 SPRINGFIELD £50.00 SKU: 74148
  15. Sold: sold pendng

    ON HOLD PENDING PRICE CHANGE And DROP (see last post lower down) Selling my .280 ack imp , 850 rounds fired NOW ADDED EXTRA PARTS F.O.C Shoots very very well and performs as slick as they come built around a Tikka M690/695 Action that has been Mat black Cerakote'd Fluted Bergara...
  16. In the eye of a storm

    As with most things it started with a phone call and a nod from her indoors with a knowing look that plans could be changed lol. Tim 243 invited me for a days pigeon shooting and I gladly excepted the gesture. With times and plans made for the next day I looked at the weather joy of joys the...
  17. For Sale: PORCH AWNING ULTIMA 390

    I have a ULTIMA SunnCamp 390 platinum Awning for sale Green , this has not been used still in bag . wife got it last year for a camping trip , she thought got a bargain on a oversized family tent :doh: I opened it but then see the bag picture and packed it away and then went to go outdoors...
  18. Sold: Harkila pro hunter Jacket

    Iam selling my nr mint Pro Hunter Jacket size 54 on the coat Harkila chart Trousers NOW SOLD Jacket NOW £ 180 posted :tiphat:
  19. GRS

    looking for GRS for a tikka 690/695 -M690 Anyone got one going
  20. Due to some powders no longer being around advice welcome

    Iam starting to sort out again loading for the my new toy in .243 win and in need one that meets or exceeds deer legal uk. bullet choice small deer 85bthp large deer 100 pro hunters is what I would like to use again So Any of you got a best load for them .? I don't mind info on others as...