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  1. re barrell

    I cannot fault it - I have had some amazing groups and some great foxing with it. Took some time to get a consistantly accurate round, but now I have it I am very happy... Cheers Chops
  2. A 243 with 1:9 twist and 21" barrel

    75, I ended up using 87g harnady HPBT with varget. Nosler 80gr BT's worked well too. I have now rebarrelled to 6x47 lapua but if you wnat the 243 reloading data I collated I will happily publish. Cheers Chops
  3. component avalabilty

    I have found a good way of getting what you re bullets, but it relies on knowing a friendly RFD. Talk to your RDF and ask them to Fax their RFD certficate to Midway UK Please order for expanding heads on midway, and pay for it online. get order sent to RFD Collect... Is working for...
  4. any ideas how this happpened?

    It could also be the brass - how many times has it been reloaded? If the brass has been shot too often without annealing it can loose it flexability and consequently not expand to give a good seal. I would agree with Jonher though, most likely to be not enough powder. Cheers Chops
  5. How accurate?

    I reckon this is pretty good accuracy - yes that is 5 shots, fired prone @100yds... but not from an out of the box rifle! :shock: My best group ever; 0.069" - thank you Rhino Rifles for the barrel! Cheers Chops
  6. 7mm - is this .275 or .284 in imperial?

    This is spot on - FAC's state calibre they do not state cartridge, so 7mm would give you felxability to change if needed and is acceptable for all RFD's. If they try to designate a cartridge on your ticket argue the point - the NFLS only needs calibre. I had a similar issue with Avon and...
  7. Wanted - Cases and Die Set for 6.5x47 Lapua

    Karl, Try Reloading Solutions in oxfordshire. I get all my cases from Aftab, nice guy and really helpful. I ordered my Redding dies from Midway - they can take a while to arrive though as they come from the states through MidwayUK. Cheers Chops
  8. Empty cases

    I have got some 6.5x47 & 6x47 cases. pm me if you want me to post them over. Cheers Chops
  9. Radio 4 on wild boar I think that this is it... Cheers Chops
  10. Price of bullets.....

    From what I can understand, Barak Obama is talking gun regulation and consequently the yanks are buying up everything they can in case he goes ahead with it :roll: . This is what bullets, powder, primers and brass has all shot up in price - everything is in short supply!
  11. Which 308???

    I could not agree more - the old Sako 591 was a tuly great action, built to a lot better specs than todays Sakos! My 308 is a Remmy 700 LTR - 20" barrel with a JetZ moderator. >.5" and cheap. Easy to carry with a great stock. Cheers Chops
  12. Rebarreling Sako 75

    First day at the range with my newly barrelled Sako. I first broke the barrel in with some old 90gr sierra's with a light H4895 load. I was working up a loads using H4350 and berger 105gr VLD's, seated 2thou off of the lands with a .267" neck bushing. I started at 35gr and worked up through...
  13. re barrell

    Yep - he is a good bloke. My Sako is down the range for the first time on Wednesday - all my starting test loads are set up and ready to go... I will let you know how it shoots :lol:
  14. Load accuracy/powder charge

    Muir, Good call on the reading - I will try to find a copy... but by the sound of it I will be lucky... back the internet! I see where you are coming from - but I remember clearly when I started reloading - Lyman press, RCBS dies, lyman lube pad, reloading block. I guess you and I both...
  15. New Gloucestershire Gun Shop

    I second re'M'ington on that... Tony at WRG got me an excellent deal when I bought my old sako, and always seemed to be a decent price on ammo. I grew up going to school in Wotton. I have used Mark Hazels form time to time but I tend to stear away from him now - he is expensive and was...
  16. Load accuracy/powder charge

    Muir - I did not read only half the post! I read the whole thing, then looked into what you said as it interested me :shock:. What I posted was new to me and probably to quite few others as well. :-D Interesting to read about the combinations of primer, neck tension, powder & seating depth...
  17. screw cutting cost

    Fair shout - about a 3yr waiting list for a full custom job, however if I could afford one I would be more than happy to wait :-D . He is reasonable on the the screw cutting front though, about 4wks. Plus you get to look around his workshop and see how it is all done - his gunrack is enough...
  18. screw cutting cost

    Fubar, quite possibly, I do not know all the ins and outs of metal working on a lathe; I do know that the work needs to carried out by an engineer. Someone who has been trained and has experience. Quite often I find that riflesmiths are not trained engineers, just people who have good...
  19. screw cutting cost

    I could not agree more. I have just had a Jet-Z fitted to my remmy 308. I paid a total of £450 (£290 Mod, £120 thread cutting, £40 proof) for it; yes expensive I know but the RS I use for this type of work is one of the best in the business and his workmanship is truly excellent. I would...
  20. Rebarreling Sako 75

    Yes - I went for the 6*47 Lapua. Mad looking round - it is quite a bit smaller a 243 but seems to enjoy the higher pressures. I am trying to find my 7.37mm drill so I can make a stoney point cartridge for the OAL gauge :evil: They are buggers to get hold of over here!!! The job looks a...