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  1. The Castle Buck cleaned.

    Apologies for the delay. Here is tignme's buck cleaned up!
  2. The Castle Buck.

    Cracking Buck, well done Barry!!
  3. A Scottish trip to remember - Part 1

    Back in November I happened to mention to the boss if he had any contacts in Scotland for hind shooting. Within an hour I had two days booked for the end of January, along with accomodation and the boat from Northern Ireland. The destination was Glen Clova. I had also mentioned to a Scottish...
  4. For Sale: Z aim rifle sling new

    Received sling after a quick dispatch in time for the weekend as required. Many thanks.
  5. BASC / Arran

    They had 15 as far as im aware on week 2.
  6. Sauer 100 Mounts

    I'm thinking of purchasing a Sauer 100 and would like to know what mounts fit? I've heard Remington 700 mounts fit but haven't been able to confirm this.
  7. Isle of Arran 2017

    Unsure how the beat allocation works this year but last year it was down to Bob (as we called him). Im heading over on the 8th October for week 4 of the stags. Anyone booked to head this year?
  8. First Fallow of the Season

    Nice write up and a good buck to start off the season. Are you seeing any clean bucks around get down your way?
  9. BDS 2016 Deer Distribution Survey

    Any idea when these are going to be published? Apologies if I've missed the date.
  10. Muntjac in Northern Ireland

    Not sure about exact locations but they are definitely still out there. Can you shoot them? Yes. According to the Northern Ireland Environment Agency information booklet 'Wildlife Law and You': "Deer and hares are protected during the “closed season”, however they may be hunted during...
  11. new mod

    I've recently purchased a DPT for my 308 and very happy with it so far. Weight wise it's quite light and hasn't made a massive difference to the rifle. Would recommend going for one.
  12. N. Ireland stalking opportunities

    As a novice stalker there aren't many opportunities in N. Ireland to gain shooting rights as most are tied up with crazy money involved. I'd rather be out learning on my on permission/lease but I haven't been very successful in finding the ground to do this on. This is part of the reason why I...
  13. N. Ireland stalking opportunities

    I'm looking for the chance of more stalking stalking in Northern Ireland. Apart from Baronscourt are there any other stalking guides available? I'm keen to get out and gain more experience even if it's only going along for the stalk.
  14. Sika rut Ireland outfitter?

    Norman Mulvany of Irish Safaris is another good guide from what I've heard. Haven't made the trip down to him myself tho.
  15. BASC Isle of Arran - Hind week 2

    A quick follow up from my week in Arran back in November. My friend and I arrived from Northern Ireland on Sunday after 2 ferries and immediately took in the beauty of Arran. Day 1 consisted of meeting the fellow stalkers (13 in total) and safety briefing for the week. Following this we all...
  16. BASC Isle of Arran - Hind week 2

    Hi all, Anyone from here heading to Arran for week 2 of the hinds? Or anyone over there for week 1?
  17. BASC Isle of Arran Scheme

    Thanks for the reply and pics! Will give you a call sometime also. Got booked onto the scheme yesterday, 3 of us heading over for Hind week 2!
  18. BASC Isle of Arran Scheme

    Hi, has anyone any experience in recent years of the BASC Isle of Aaran scheme? Thinking of booking a hind week. Thanks, Lukesterz