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  1. Large Roe Liver

    I shot a Roe Buck last night, I have been after him for a while as he's getting past his best to be honest and there are a few younger and better looking animals around. His anter points were worn, so he's been having a good go at the trees. The shot as 70 yards with a 243, the bullet took...
  2. Mincers

    Well, I'd love a £140 electric all singing all dancing mincer for my birthday, but my wife says that's not going to happen. I'll need to earn the right to buy one of those with some high quality burgers and sausages. But I do still want one. What are the £23-£30 hand powered metal ones...
  3. Nasal bot fly - photo

    I don't want to pinch this guys photo and repost here, so here is a link. Pretty bad, ugh. Morena - you look for photos of things like this for your work don't you? NN
  4. Head shot at 160 yds.

    Has anyone else read this?? No - it isn't me. I just came across it.