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  1. Belgians restrict halal

    Good to see this happening, its a scandal it was ever allowed in the first place. Belgium bans halal and kosher slaughter methods | Daily Mail Online
  2. Another one gone

    Arthur Taylor, veteran of Dunkirk passes on at 98 One of the last remaining veterans of the Dunkirk evacuation dies aged 98 | Daily Mail Online
  3. Soldier gets a bit cold, wants £150k

    Stop the world i want to get off. African soldier sues as army 'failed to protect him' from UK winter | Daily Mail Online
  4. More vegan insanity

    Vegan demonstrators form human chain around the meat aisle of Waitrose | Daily Mail Online
  5. Leupold scopes

    I have never owned one, but how do leupold scopes stack up against the german optics in terms of brightness and toughness ?
  6. Peter Laider Lee Enfield expert.

    Just seen this on another forum. Army weapons officer stole £70,000 worth of guns from his base and sold them to collectors, court hears
  7. Steel action rifles ?

    Seen this brand of German straight pull rifle in a youtube video i came across, called Steel action. Never heard of them before, but they look quality. Anyone know anything about them ? Are they new ? SteelAction – Willkommen bei Steel-Action
  8. Police equality ?

    Watched this video last night, i have to say i agree with many of the points raised. Women who really are not physically large enough to tackle violent crims, but are taken on anyway as equality demands it, rather than the best person for the job getting hired.
  9. Ishapore made Sauer ?

    Wound up on the Ishapore arsenals website for some reason and noticed they do civilian market firearms too. One is a .30-06 sporting rifle that looks very like a sauer. Are they building them under licence or something ?
  10. Daily Mail hunting article

    A daily mail hunting article , read some of the comments, god preserve us.
  11. What a Dollop

    Look in the mirror ya daft cow. Sinead O'Connor won't mix with 'disgusting' white people after becoming a Muslim - Mirror Online
  12. itv ross kemp

    Ross kemp on itv doing a programme on gun crime in birmingham, now. ITV's Ross Kemp and The Armed Police documentary to shine light on rise of shootings in Birmingham - Birmingham Live
  13. The BBC sticking the knife in again

    The BBC seem to have a real thing against firearms and those that use them and not just in the Uk but world wide. Anyway i just seen an advert for a Panorama programme on BBC 1 on Monday evening, about the use, by the usual inner city scumbags, of obsolete calibre firearms in crime. Whats the...
  14. Shotgun screw threads

    A lockplate screw has stripped on my Trulock bros side by side shotgun. Its the screw that passes through the lockplate on one side, through the stock and threads into the other lockplate. I want to turn up a new one, and assumed given its size that the screw would be B.A. form. Its not...
  15. German scope rail systems

    I have been looking at used scopes recently, mainly German scopes as i find they are the best quality. But most of them have rails on the underside of the tube and on the objective bells rather than ring attachment. Are these rails standard or are they propriatary ? Where can the mounts and...
  16. Wanted: Ruger no.1 rear sight

    The rear sight on my ruger no.1 broke when i was removing it to mount a scope. There is an open sight shoot in our club soon and i would like to take part. Has anyone a suitable sight kicking around, or would anyone know where i might buy one ? I think it would take too long to get one from...
  17. mauser m96 straight pull

    I was looking at one of these straight pull mausers recently and was intrigued, i never knew mauser made them. They do not seem to be expensive, were they a short lived disaster, or a good rifle overshadowed by the competition ? Any known faults ?
  18. Good quality files

    Where are you metalworkers/gunsmiths buying decent files ? I am a fitter by trade and always enjoyed benchfitting (filing two bits of metal to a precise fit), over the years i was given good quality files by old fellows retiring etc, but they are all getting worn out now. Any files i see in the...
  19. Commonwealth shooting

    Seen a video on youtube which says there will be no shooting sports competitions at the Birmingham 2022 games. Seems a bit of a snub as as we all know, Birmingham was the centre of the gunmaking trades in the UK and one of the major centres of gunmaking in the world. PC gone mad, or is there...
  20. Light load cartridges for old shotguns

    Anyone know of any light production loads for 2 1/2" chambered shotguns, its an old gun and while i don't mind putting proper full power shells through it for game shooting, i cannot help feeling i am abusing the gun when using similar loads for clay shooting. They are also bloody expensive.