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  1. stainless steel tumbler

    Hi folks i am thinking about buying a stainless steel tumbler.What advice is there on these and what tumblers are available and where from.Idont need it to hold more than say 50 cases at one time. Thanks rab
  2. Sold: Gun cabinet

    Brattonsound gun 5 gun extra deep cabinet with locking top.vault style door two sets of keys collection only from Ayrshire £150
  3. Bx trigger

    I just got a BX trigger for my ruger 10/22. The trigger is much lighter.:-D:-D
  4. Anyone on here stalk balinoe near oban

  5. Benmore and Inverardan

    I viewed Benmore and Inverardan this morning. Where have all the deer gone? For a cull target of fifty red deer there was very little sign's of any deer activity in the area.
  6. french hunting licence

    hi dose anynone know if the forestry commission would accept the french hunting licence as any part or substitute of dsc 1 or 2 a question came up when talking with a friend.:-|
  7. resizing cases

    hi could anyone offer some information on resizing my brass cartridge cases. i have tried two different die's but i am finding it very tight when closing the bolt over have i missed anything?:(
  8. sako set triggers?

    hi has anyone used a sako 85 with a set trigger im about to get a 85 s/s in .308 and im thinking about getting it with the set trigger.:???:
  9. calling in red deer

    hi has anyone got any tips on calling in red deer.i have just joined a syndicate in the galloway forrest and there are some reds on it i heard them calling the other day but didnt know how to call back.first time stalking reds.:shock:
  10. rab

    hi i have just joined the forum :shock: i would like to say hello to all the members i may know one or two allready.ive just joined a syndicate in the galloway forrest so looking forward to some stalking down there.oh and a hello to barry thom.;)