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  1. Wanted: Niggeloh back pack sling

    No thanks im after the earlier model If you have one please PM
  2. Wanted: Niggeloh back pack sling

    Please PM if you have one for sale Regards
  3. Sold: Dummy launcher

    I have one what are you willing to pay
  4. For Sale: 308 RPA Woodland Stalker

    Yes for sale along with tools x2 moderators (original and later after market Barton gun works) 8 shot mag and 4 shot mag
  5. Stalking & price is it value for money;

    Compare the price of pheasant shooting half a dozen in yorkshire to the price of the stalking being offered to you Compare the excitement of shooting said pheasants with said deer You now have the answer you search for Sounds like the OP was a Lancastrian or a Scott to me :)
  6. For Sale: 308 RPA Woodland Stalker

    yes it is
  7. Viper flex sticks

    Everyone has opinions on stick The only thing I would point out is metal is fine in the summer and very cold in the winter Banging metal sticks is an unusual noise to deer but wood not so much so
  8. Basc or country side alliance

    Both In this day and age we should have only one full focused fighting all the issues. With all the different organisations the overlap is a waste of money and resources
  9. For Sale: 308 RPA Woodland Stalker

    This is a stainless model and a couple of hundred pounds cheaper that a steel on here This is the cheapest one in the UK and shoots like a dream
  10. For Sale: 308 RPA Woodland Stalker

    Price reduced to £1300
  11. For Sale: Bipod Clear out Neopod and Harris also primos trigger stick

    Are the triggers sticks still available please
  12. For Sale: 308 RPA Woodland Stalker

    Photos sent as requested
  13. For Sale: 308 RPA Woodland Stalker

    All pms answered