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  1. Swan Problems - HELP!!!

    We love it when swans turn up here, most get chased off and mobbed by the Canada geese. Hateful horrid shouty things.
  2. I just couldn't resist it

    Lovely thing. They take such a bashing but either you get it or you don't. Marmite car, and I love marmite.
  3. looking to buy a working, un-used .22 air rifle for my children

    I bought a Crossman Raven synthetic break barrel for my kids. No mod but it's quieter than my old Comet. Nice and light too so they can handle it very well. Was about £120 or so new including cheapie scope.
  4. For Sale: baikal single 12 bore

    Price isn't the issue.... Location is.
  5. Wanted: CZ Trigger Guard

    Does sound interesting.
  6. Hello from Los Angeles until September then Hereford

    Aye. Everyone here thinks it's terribly exciting that I "go to Hollywood" and they don't realise what a grim place LA can be.
  7. Hello from Los Angeles until September then Hereford

    I spend a fair bit of time each year in SM but sadly working, never had time to seek out any shooting. Enjoy Herefordshire, it's all going to look and feel a bit different to SoCal.
  8. RTA Dispatch

    Oddly enough I was wondering about this a few months ago. I hit a badger which decided to cross the road in front of me. It was however still mobile and crawled to the verge. Given I was a few hundred yards from my gates I thought about fetching a shotgun and putting the poor thing out of its...
  9. Stone the bl**dy crows

    One down off the .22LR at lunchtime, now left out to see if others are interested.
  10. Stone the bl**dy crows

    The ruddy badgers destroyed mine. Good call though.
  11. Stone the bl**dy crows

    Right, despite thinking it was high time I up gunned and got a .243, the only thing on my mind right now is crows. Crows and jackdaws. Big bouncy flighty noisy things. From 0416 this morning a pair of them were pounding on our bedroom windows from two sides or marching round the eaves above. I...
  12. Sold: CZ 452 22lr

    Please someone have this before I use up a spare slot and twin it with my 452/HMR
  13. Used Ride on Mower advice please

    Hehe. There's something mildly amusing about flailing into undergrowth taller than the tractor!
  14. Used Ride on Mower advice please

    Flails are awesome bits of kit. With the right size matched to the right power the destruction they can wreak is really quite scary! I do our paddocks, scrub and all the wood drives with a 1.5m Orsi and it scares me silly.
  15. Used Ride on Mower advice please

    The small Stiga / Castel Garden / mount field etc all come out of the same factory in Italy just with different paint jobs. Sadly Stiga domestic kit isn't what it once was. As mention, if the paddock is in the slightest bit rough then quad/tractor and flail is wiser as it'll destroy home kit...
  16. Abusive emails.

    That's depressing. I have learned more from generous people on this site than from anywhere else. It's sad to hear there are people out there who would prefer to spoil it.
  17. Sold: Laksen stalking/shooting jacket

    I'll take it!
  18. Fox Raid

    Be glad it was only a fox, we had an early rising badger stove in the side of the Larsen here last year. Made a right mess.
  19. Which chainsaw?

    Man who cut wood get warm twice :D
  20. Which chainsaw?

    I have a 40kw log boiler so I feel your future pain! Stihl or Husky it doesn't overly matter but do go for the commercial range of either not domestic. Yes some of the home ones feel,lighter but they're also designed for lighter work and you will break them. I have a Stihl MS181 for light ground...