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  1. Wanted: Deer antler

    Has anyone got a small amount of red antler for a dog chew
  2. Sold: Swarovski angled spotting scope

    Has anyone got one they don’t use? I’d also consider one of the good Kowas
  3. Wanted: Old forster die box

    Has anyone got a spare die box?
  4. Wanted: Swarovski HD Spotting scope

    I keep missing the used ones on evilbay has anyone got one for sale?
  5. Wanted: .357/.38 Underlever

    Has anyone got a cheap and cheerful underlever for messing about with at the range. Woodwork condition not important
  6. Wanted: Third eye / Tier one 30mm pic rail medium SILVER mounts

    Has anyone got a set spare?
  7. Sold: AIM 55 Drag Bag

    Anyone got one spare? Thanks
  8. Sold: Third Eye TacRing 34mm with reducers

    34mm and 30mm reducers Medium height Sold
  9. Sold: Dog gone good cammo front rest/bag

    Now sold.
  10. Sold: Third Eye TacRing 34mm with reducers

    34mm and 30mm reducers Medium height £150 posted
  11. Sold: Shooting shed M595 .223 etc boreguide

    Beautifully turned boreguide made of ali with o ring and solvent port Never used £25 plus post
  12. Wanted: K&m expander mandrel .30

    Anyone got one spare?
  13. For Sale: Hotline Superhawk Electric Fence Engergiser + 9V battery

    Never used but been sat in a shed so the box is tatty £80 collected
  14. Sold: Lee improved powder measure kit

    Anyone got a scoop set for sale?
  15. Sold: 0.337 Bushing

    Either redding or wilson WHY
  16. Sold: Labradar

    Has anyone got one for sale?
  17. Sold: Burris XTR Signature Rings 30mm Low

    Complete with all the inserts £70 plus postage
  18. Sold: Shooting Shed Comparator Set .308

    Anyone got one of these sets spare? Ideally the full 5P or 4P+ or whatever its called
  19. Sold: Redding .308 small base body die

    Anyone got one spare?
  20. For Sale: BAT VR 6x47

    FAC now back so back up for sale BAT VR with 3G Lilja 1 in 8 barrel Jewell trigger Mcmillan stock £1650 Now £1475