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  1. Available: Sika Hind Stalking (accompanied or unaccompanied) - Scottish Borders

    The ground is very good but the guys running it have been replaced, not alot will have been with the new man.
  2. Where did all the lead go?

    maybe it was a running boar?
  3. Sold: Nightforce ATACR 5-25x56 moar “t” ret

    No wonder you never shoot anything always taking pictures !!!
  4. The Final Walk

    yes uncas, I like to have my dogs put down while they are in their prime so they cant go downhill … :banghead:
  5. Best tubed night vision available

    Pvs 15 with xr5 tube...
  6. Carrying a permission slip when travelling to and from permissions?

    No, they have a computer system with all the info on, but use common sense and dont put rifle in the car incase you see dome ferals in aldi carpark
  7. Sold: Pulsar Trail XP50

    Pm sent
  8. 22-250

    I think the barrel burning issue comes from people who have never actually shot out a rifle in the calibre they are slating..
  9. Wanted: Hind stalking.

    Cheers for that been looking to go on hinds for a while, still going strong, cannot fault it
  10. Wanted: Hind stalking.

    Sorry to hijack but do you have a contact number for winstons? Cheers
  11. What viht powder for .22-250?

    just use your heads, lads..
  12. For Sale: Bettinsoli x trail

    Its 3 years old, i bought from new from york guns as a spare for family to use, they dont, so its going
  13. For Sale: Bettinsoli x trail

    Bettinsoli xtrail for sale, good condition comes with original case and chokes, steel proof, 3" chambers. 30" barrels. Will rfd £350 East yorkshire will post pictures in a few hrs
  14. Red stags bullet weight

    150s might not be stabilising in factory rifle, I had the same issue, load some sst’s or get some Sko 130’s they were very good.
  15. For Sale: 338 Lapua Magnum - Dakota Longbow T76 Rifle

    What do police forces give variations for 338 for? Does smacking crows as far as you can see count?
  16. Sold: Stock for Blaser R8 Professional

    Very pretty stock, at a fraction of the cost of plastic blaster stocks!!
  17. Sold: Mcmillan game scout rem LA

    Price drop 450