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  1. Deformed Roe Ribs - Any ideas?

    I shot this youngish 6pt Roe buck last week. Seemed healthy enough, 13.5kg carcass. How do you think its ribs got like this? They're deformed the same both sides. Tough birth? Strange case of being squashed? Genetic? Almost looks like a rope/snare etc etc would have fitted perfectly around the...
  2. Sold: Tikka Optilock Ring mounts

    1" Low Stainless single piece mounts. Excellent condition. £68 posted
  3. Sold: Book: The Comprehensive Guide to Tracking

    Book about tracking in Africa. Good condition. Name written inside front cover.£10 posted please.
  4. Sold: .270 Federal FC brass

    39 x once fired Federal FC cartridge cases. £10 posted
  5. Sold: .270 Sako brass

    181 x once fired Sako cartridge cases. £70 posted
  6. Sold: .243 Remington R-P Brass

    181 x once fired Remington R-P cartridge cases. £55 posted
  7. Sold: Sceery ACE-1 Cow Elk call

    Anyone got one to sell me before I order one online? Not had success with my Primos Jackrabbit call so going to give one of these a try. Any of the stealers on here stock them? Thanks, Rory
  8. Barnes 50gr TTSX dimensions - 223, 22-250, 220 Swift

    Just a few dimensions for the minority that are interested in such things: Length: .812" (20.65mm) Length without tip: .695" (17.65mm) Tip length .117" (2.98mm) Hollow point DIA .059" (1.5mm) at opening x .32" (8mm) deep
  9. Wanted: Barnes 50gr TTSX and Sierra 65gr SBT Gameking

    Looking for some of these for my new rifle build. If you've got a part box at a good price I'd be interested.
  10. For Sale: 12ga Browning B525 Hunter 30"

    2011 Model. 3" chambers. Good condition with all accessories - 5 invector plus chokes, hard case, gunsock, 1" rubber buttpad and original plastic one. I've owned it since 2014 and maybe put 4000 cartridges max through it. Still tight like new and slightly stiff to open. I've looked after it...
  11. Interapid DTI advice please

    I'm looking to buy an Interapid 074111965 DTI with the long 2.75" stylus. I'm thinking that this will cover me for most barrel and chambering work. Any suggestions on where is best to buy one will be appreciated. Are there alternative DTI's that I haven't thought of? I've looked at the cheaper...
  12. Sold: .338 230gr Hornady ELD-X £30 posted

    79 bullets. £30 posted please.
  13. Sold: Lee 338 Lapua die set c/w case trimmer £30 posted

    Lee 2 die set (FL & Seater die), case length gauge and shell holder. Very good condition. Only used to resize 75 cases. £30 posted please.
  14. Sold: Cheap Tikka T3 Lite plastic stock

    As above , I'm looking for a used and abused T3 Lite RH stock. A T3X stock would work too if it's cheap enough. I need it for taking a moulding of the action inletting area for a carbon fibre stock I'm making. I'm not worried if the butt or foreend is damaged. Let me know what you've got...
  15. Sold: Cartridge Keyrings - 338 Lapua Mag ELD-X

    Shiny 338 Lapua Magnum keyrings for sale. A slightly more hunting oriented keyring topped of with a tipped ELD-X bullet. £9.50 posted (add £8 for each additional keyring if you order two or more). Please PM me with your postage details and preferred payment method if you'd like one. PayPal...
  16. Sold: Leupold M8 6x42 - Tough, Lightweight Stalking Scope

    Lovely clear scope in good condition. Light weight - 327g / 11.5oz. Fine duplex reticle. I use one on my .270 and really like it. Has a light scratch on tube from rear ring (no crimping), and a fine circular scratch on objective lens that doesn't affect sight picture. Also very tiny scratch on...
  17. Sold: .270 150gr Sierra Gamekings

    Full box of 100. £28 posted
  18. Wanted: ATEC CMM-4 moderator baffles, end cap

    I'm looking for a couple of (or maybe 4) baffle sections for my CMM-4. An end cap in 6mm might be nice too if anyone has one lying around. Thanks, Rory
  19. Sold: Cartridge keyrings - 338 Lapua Mag

    Add a bit of impact to your set of keys! An ideal Christmas stocking filler for a shooter. Shiny 338 Lapua Magnum keyrings for sale. £9.50 posted (add £8 for each additional keyring if you order two or more). Please PM me with your postage details and preferred payment method if you'd like...
  20. Sold: Sierra 70gr Blitzking

    154 x plastic tipped bullets £40 posted