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  1. Best Boots

    They went bankrupt didn't they?
  2. Best Boots

    Was that the Black and Grey Rachelle boots? I had a couple of pairs of them. Rachelle were bought over by............ I forget now......?
  3. Best Boots

    The leather in Lundhags isn't the sa. E quality as it was when I first started wearing them, about 1988, the certech isn't as good imo either and they're made in Portugal now rather than Sweden.
  4. Heavyweight Fleece Jacket

    Helly Hansen Field, the Rolls Royce of fleece jackets!!
  5. Best Boots

    I like the basic ones, The Vandra/Ranger or the The Forester/Scout. These are closest the the original "Shell" design. They're not the boots they used to be however, few are these days, but I've had Lundhags for 30+ years.
  6. Best merino wool base layer? I've used Halo Sports Wash for my base layers and my sons Rugby gear, great stuff.
  7. Meopta

    Can you detect any difference in size of the illuminated dot?
  8. Boot review - Altberg and Scarpa

    Ive had umpteen pairs of Altberg Stark Extreme boots and have never broke laces anymore than any other make of boots.
  9. Gaiters

    Do they come in a generous calf fitting?
  10. Meopta

    How much bigger is the illuminated dot compared to a Swarovski? Are all the dots/cross on the illuminated scopes all the same size? I really fancy getting a Meopta but the dot size is a concern.
  11. Trousers for a dwarf legged stalker

    Surly you'd only need to shorten the leg which wouldn't really effect any seems? Buy a pair or sealand/swedteam/Harkila and get a seems tress to shorten and finish the hem, you may loose any studs, velcro straps or buckles but would that really matter?
  12. German wirehaired pointer Vs German Shorthaired pointer

    I've always fancied a GSP but I've never seen one that wasn't a chronic whiner, I just couldn't live with a bad whining dog, is this a breed trate or more of a line trate?
  13. For Sale: Altberg Gunnerside/Stark Extreme .

    Altberg Gunnerside/Stark Extreme size 11 wide fit. Never been on my feet or out the box, bran spanking new!!! Retail at £230 I'm asking £200 + a fiver for posting.
  14. Bipod

    Had one Harris Ultralight Bipod for 29 years and another for 10 without a single bit of bother, I bought a Harris copy from someone on here for my sons Air rife, great bit of kit for the money, I'd be hard pushed to go passed them if I needed another.
  15. Boots for walking / beating

    Anyone tried the meindl Kibo?
  16. Boots for walking / beating

    A few keepers I know like them, good price and comfortable, I've not had a pair because of the bad pairs I've heard about!
  17. Boots for walking / beating

    They seem to be very hit or miss when it comes to being waterproof, I know a lot of keepers who have had them and wouldn't have them again, I was speaking to a Headkeeper mate of mine who got 3 pairs for him and 2 underkeeper, 2 pairs leaked badly the first time they were worn, another...
  18. What calibre. ?

    No mention of the 25-06?
  19. Lab litters

    I lined my Lab bitch with last years championship winner Ftch Harperrig Breac Friday before last. My bitch is Ftch x Ftw, both parents are fully health tested, and fingers crossed pups should be ready to go in December. You may want something sooner but let me know if you'd be interested.