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  1. Best trail cam pictures - all here

    This lad I caught on the cam is paranoid someone’s following him I reckon
  2. Best merino wool base layer?

    Woolpower fantastic tops and clothing in general
  3. Gaiters

    I’ve tried loads of gaiters the Munro are good, nice and quiet but fingers crossed they have sorted the zip issue mine did less than a season and the zips were knackered, Black islander are good very hard wearing I’m surprised to see in the comments they are quiet in heather I didn’t think so...
  4. Prizewinners - September 2019

    Thanks very much John and the team, much appreciated Tristram
  5. Earning your crust

    Electrical engineer really just a lineman (climb up pole, build or fix it & climb back down pole)
  6. Deer Sleds

    Speak to B&D stalking they have a face book page I had one made by these guys for Reds. They couldn’t have been more helpful
  7. Wanted: Full reloading set up

    Spud1967 give mark a shout he will have everything you need and more,
  8. gaiters

    That’s good news on the zips, mine were knackered in a season the zips just burst open when I put them on
  9. Intro

    Welcome to the site, hope you enjoy it, good luck with your stalking Regards Tristram
  10. Sold: Nomad Plus 4’s Plain Green Size Medium

    Thanks bit big for me
  11. Sold: Nomad Plus 4’s Plain Green Size Medium

    What waist size is medium please?
  12. Dedito boots

    Fantastic boots I had been using meindles for years everyday use and they would last max of two years and need reproofing regular with wax or oils whatever you use, the diddito boots are comfy out the box and have been the best I’ve used, I’ve never heard a bad review and certainly never heard...
  13. Unforgettable high seat experience

    Last season I had my rifle on sticks as I watched a group of Fallow bucks and a sparrow hawk landed on my moderator, couldn’t believe it.
  14. Game prices update

    I think the op was asking what the local to him Essex & Suffolk dealers are paying, I’m sure most know how it works when you take them in. There may be dealers near him that he’s not heard of and could get a better price from
  15. 7m 08

    7mm-08 is my go to Rifle now from roe to Reds does a fantastic job, 140gr Sierra game kings over rs 60
  16. Sold: Lansky shapening system

    Morning pal, you need to edit your post and where it says for sale you can put wanted I think it’s a drop down menu
  17. Whoo hoo a really nice Stag

    Fantastic Stag pal, over here that would have gone back severely with age and eventually rust would have killed it lol
  18. Hi from essex/suffolk border

    Welcome to the forum