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  1. ID my thread/screw? help

    Borrow/get yourself one of these? Also available in Imperial...
  2. Who next?

    I’ve seen it now on a couple of shooting fora, not just from Bullseye Country Sports....
  3. Who next?

  4. Wanted: AYA Yeoman Over and Under 12G - Stock Wanted

    I have one £50 plus postsge
  5. Stuck bolt

    What position is the indicator pin in? Are you pulling the trigger whilst trying to put the handle down?
  6. We need a CHAMPION

    I agree, it would take some big balls. But what have we got right now? No balls. No balls at all. I tell you who has - Jeremy Clarkson
  7. We need a CHAMPION

    It’s clear to me that there are some organisations that take our money and in return promise to represent us. It is also clear to me that, in my opinion, they are falling way short of the mark. There has been an enormous amount of chat on here (and elsewhere) about how disappointed people are...
  8. Miroku what model!!

    Are there any other markings at all? Such as proof house? Some pictures would maybe help. I believe that Browning and Miroku have the same serial number system to look up year of manufacture etc.
  9. rant,kin fire works

    It’s true...!!!
  10. Mod stuck

    Sounds like one not to bother with. Why is the moderator glued on? As said above, I would think the chance of corrosion at the end of the barrel will be high. If someone is prepared to do this with the moderator, what else has been done to it? If you’re adamant you want it, get it looked at first?
  11. RSPB Next??!!
  12. Stuart Mitchell knife - December Draw

    Fantastic gesture! Very generous.
  13. PARD 800

    Thanks. I thought that would be the case - was wondering how that could be done without the hardware....
  14. PARD 800

    I’m probably being dense (quite common so I’m told). NV008 around £595. NV008 LRF over £800, but you can upgrade the software for free? Does this convert a non-LRF to an LRF, saving a couple of hundred quid?!!!
  15. PARD 800

    Happy days! Thank you!
  16. PARD 800

    How much was the LRF software update if you don’t mind me asking?!
  17. Brno safety catch

    Strip and clean mate, chances are you’ll find a fair bit of gunge in there if it hasn’t been done for a while...
  18. Shotgun barrel dent remover

    I have heard of someone doing the ‘old way’ with increasing sizes of socket wrenches....
  19. Shotgun barrel dent remover

    Already used it in anger. Worked incredibly well I have to say.