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  1. Wanted: Something for the range

    Looking for a scope for the range budget of around the £200 mark maybe a bit more anything considered Cheers
  2. Wanted: 30 cal spt

    Looking for some 150-180 30cal spt
  3. Wanted: Steyr pro hunter

    Looking for a timber stock for a steyr pro hunter in 243 Cheers
  4. Free: Ruger rings and rail

    I have this ruger rail and rings both new but package is tatty are they any good to someone just cover postage
  5. Advise please

    To start with I am in the dyfed Powys authority area I have held an fac for several years now initially with only a 17 hmr open ticket I have since varied my licence and been granted 30-06 and 243 for target shooting ( I am a member of a club and I reload my own ammunition ) deer stalking and...
  6. 30-06

    Can anyone give me a couple of loads for 30-06 using 150g spt @N550 for stalking tia
  7. 243

    Hi guys I am in the market for a 243 as a second gun with a budget of around £500 I have a scope to go on top so gun and moderator only anyone have something their not using also I prefer a traditional stock here's hoping
  8. ppu

    hi guys is there anywhere in south-west wales that stocks ppu ammunition 30-06
  9. hi everyone i am from fishguard west wales

    hi all i live in west wales am a fifty something project manager and part time farmer i have held a FAC for about 15 years for a 17HMR i would like to get into stalking deer and wild boar if there is anyone out there that could be of assistance to get me started i would like to get a few...
  10. new to stalking

    hi folks i have been hunting shooting fishing all my life first shotgun was purchased out of my mothers catalogue many years ago i have for the past couple of years been thinking of doing some stalking so have decided to apply for a variation to my FAC for a deer caliber rifle i have been told...