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  1. Sold: Hawke Vantage AO 3x9-50 IR Mil Dot

    Hawke Vantage IR AO 3-9x50 mil dot. Used only a few times. Perfect condition. Come with hawk mounts. Can let you have weaver high or regular dovetails. Let me know which you require. Box infections cloth all included. £72:50 plus postage if your choice. Been on .22 but purchased a photon.
  2. For Sale: Hawk Vantage scope AO 3-9x50 IR mil dot

    Hawke Vantage AO 3-9X50 IR Mil dot. It's used but immaculate condition. Owned a few months and used only a few times. Been on .22. Tried getting it going with archer for rats but wasn't overly compatible so bought a photon. I have two sets on mounts. Hawk Weaver high and hawk dovetail. One set...
  3. For Sale: 40mm Archer Shim for sale

    Was trying to get .22 going with archer but don't want to keep swapping over from .243 when out foxing and rolling rats over with .22. Got a photon now. It's only a month old. £12.50 so half price.
  4. Night vision for rats

    Hi Guys, I am looking to get the .22 set up for rats. Can't afford thermal. Need something accurate/effective and fairly cheap. Interested in the yukons. Probably second hand one. Don't need to record it to my phone or any of that nonsense. Any recommendations? Alternatives second hand for £300...
  5. CZ 455 varmint

    I've got a CZ 455 varmint on order. Will it come threaded ready for a mod?
  6. CZ 455 Varmint .22

    Anyone have any comments on CZ 455 Varmint in .22LR? Not thumbhole version. Thinking of purchasing for rabbit shooting. Recommendations for a suitable moderator and barrel length suggestions appreciated.
  7. New member

    Hello People of Deer Stalking! Introducing myself to the forum. Very much enjoy reading forums regarding foxing and reading about people's experiences of equipment on the market. Regards, Adam