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  1. AW in Caithness

    Hi i have relocated to Thurso area in caithness and would be happy to carry out AW Stalks for any interested parties. PM me if you require an AW in the Caithness or Sutherland area. Regards Dalkur
  2. Stalkers in the Thurso area.

    Hi All, A quick post to see if there is any stalkers on this site from the Thurso area. I am moving up next month and would appreciate the opportunity to get to meet new friends. I will be living in Thurso. Thanks Dalkur
  3. Odd Buck

    What do you Guys Think !!!. Shot Friday Morning, It was a Mature Buck weighing in at 40lbs gralloched and had normal Testicles. All Lymph Nodes checked and found to be okay, also no previous injury found. Dalkur:???:
  4. GSP Stud Dog Required.

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a Gsp Stud Dog, Location somewhere within resonable driving distance of Thornhill Area. Thanks Dalkur.
  5. AW Cost

    Guys, I have been looking at threads regarding how much an AW should charge for a days work. The current thinking seems to be most AW are making money from outings. The scenario is AW gives up a Day to go out and Witness someone else Stalking, Travels a round trip of 70miles and takes a total...
  6. Swarovski customer service

    Guys, I know this is not the first time i have given my view on Swarovski Optics Customer Service but again they exceeded my expectations. I phoned them on Monday at 9.15am to ask about a replacement eye piece and came home from work today to find a new pair waiting for me. Excellent...
  7. Sws bds agm

    SWS BDS Branch members. Please remember our AGM today at the Ken Bridge Hotel. Dalkur
  8. E-Tip Bullet heads from Nosler

    Morning Guys, I am looking to purchase E-Tip bullet heads in 270, 6.5 and 30cal. I have looked on the web and can only find them availiable in the states, anybody got a source over here in the UK. Thanks Dalkur
  9. Swarovski Optik

    E-mailed Swarovski Optic Monday morning, the lens cover on my EL 42s had snapped. I returned from work tonight Wed and new set sitting waiting for me. Service like this will always keep me loyal and on top of that i do believe the extra money for the ELs was worth the sacrifice at the time as...
  10. Rem 260 loads

    Morning Guys, I would appreciate some info on Rem 260 loads. I have just purchased the 260 from Tikka. I am interested in Copper Bullets also as may have to use them on a specific piece of ground. All info appreciated. Dalkur.:)
  11. 260 rem or 6.5x55

    Hi all, Just off the phone to FLO to ask advice on Variation request. I have sold my 243 and want to replace it with either a 260 rem or 6.5x55 as both use 6.5 ammo and i home load i asked the question can i put 6.5 caliber on variation request and then shop around for either a 260 or...
  12. young Buck in Velvet

    Hi Guys, I was out first thing today Sat 29 May, with Scotsgun. Mark was shooting and me watching, anyway we got a good little cull buck at 4.57am :D. The Buck was in Summer Coat and healthy if a bit small, but he was in full velvet. I was wondering if anybody else is still seeing any...
  13. Hi all

    :) I live in Ayrshire Scotland, stalked for the past 10years and shoot both Red and Roe. I enjoy working GSPs and i am currently in the process of training a young 7month old Bitch.