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  1. Shotgun discharged on road

    At 1750hrs this evening when I was gathering the washing off the line I heard a boom and then what I thought was a motorcycle exhaust noise at speed/load. I turned round to see WTF it was and saw nothing but a faint vertical plume of smoke above the road at the entrance to the property. I walked...
  2. BASC opposes new proposals for medical fees

    So do you get a refund if the doctor does not offer an opinion for one of the following reasons? I refuse to provide a report because I have a conscientious objection to the holding of firearms. (Sample Letter 1) I refuse to provide the requested report, because it seeks an opinion on...
  3. Countryfile

    The NHS did not determine the gun legislation they have to act within it however ambiguous. HMG did. A FAC is deemed necessary for public safety, and so its cost is borne by the Taxpayer and some by the FAC applicant. Were public safety not at issue there would be no FAC and no charge.
  4. TB - anyone ever caught it?

    UK stats and targets - TB Alert UK stats and targetsDespite many people believing TB has been eradicated in the UK it never went away. In fact, the UK experienced a two-decade-long rise in cases from the mid-1980s. It is only in the last few years that the UK has begun to match the global...
  5. Available: Dean boar

    Me too please.
  6. Like for like variation times Avon and Somerset

    Phone the organ grinder instead of asking monkeys.
  7. .222 advice

    Home Page
  8. Rare sight last night

    Badgers share the same diet of worms as hedgehogs, they predate them as well.
  9. sound moderator bullet drop

    I bought a ASE Jet Z sound mod for the 243. I have not checked and adjusted zero to reflect this. At 100 yard zero about how much will the POI be lower than without the sound mod? 24" barrel, 87gr Vmax 3100FPS. Hunter type barrel, Sako rifle.
  10. Pulling Bullets

    Forster or RCBS Bullet puller plus collet. Forster Collet Style Bullet Puller
  11. Trail cam Your source for Scouting Cameras and Information Reviews of trail cams.
  12. pest control prices

    Hourly rate. Don't undercharge. I thought trapping was more effective than shooting, depends on circumstances though.
  13. Fox cubs

    Lost a chicken this afternoon, they are let loose in the orchard so high risk. I traced the feathers through a hedge into the next field. About 2000hrs went to further check the trail. Saw a fox asleep outside a rabbits sett further down the orchard. Returned with the 22LR and shot the said...
  14. Wanted: Issues with stolent bait from trap (beginner)

    Traps on top of fences or where you see the squirrels. Peanut butter dabbed onto a slice of maize.
  15. Game dealers between Bristol and Gloucester

    A thread four and a half years old. Come on folks. BTW Bristol is 200 miles from Liverpool.
  16. Sako Finnfire P94S mag for under a fiver?

    Both mags have the rounds in a single stack. Thought it was a pin at the base for the ten shot?
  17. Sako Finnfire P94S mag for under a fiver?

    P94S. As you know the 10 shot is metal so I guess they made it from steel for a reason, perhaps the plastic they used for the five shot was not strong enough. As it is the 10 shot tends to need tweaking to get the rounds to feed as the metal ears spring back after pressing and cause poor feeding.
  18. Sako Finnfire P94S mag for under a fiver?

    I'd be interested in some, depends how durable they are.
  19. Tb in deer

    From the two field studies carried out in north Glos, where only Fallow and Roe were present. It was noted that Fallow are the more likely to develop bTB as the graze more than Roe which browse more. Given that, and as cattle graze and ingest bTB from the badger's urine on the grass, badgers are...
  20. Small Claims Court

    Small claims system appreciates the following: 1. Be as reasonable as possible. 2. Third party evidence. 3. The desire to settle amicably before court. 4. The judges have no idea about you or your claim (they only apply the law) so make any submission simple and easy to read. The usage of the...