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  1. Look at who popped in for lunch

    Yep I agree but more orange with age your post says so only eyass goshawks have yellow eyes
  2. Look at who popped in for lunch

    Female spar FFS goss hawks even males are twice the size and eyes are more orange than yellow
  3. Blaser assistance

    Got two R8 and various barrels. Never had any issues
  4. What are the chances,?

    It’s in off topic so no issues
  5. Wanted: Quality Double Rifle

    Vigilaire That’s great info and I thank you for that. Is it in 9.3? As this is the route I’m thinking of really variation is in. Chris at swillingtons is indeed selling this at £1900. Which is a great price I think. These are not made any more by browning I’ve been told not sure why?
  6. Wanted: Quality Double Rifle

    Thanks chaps been speaking to Chris at swillington with regards to the merkel in 7x57r and the 9.3x74r Renato gamba but no regulation certs for either I do like the look of the new browning ccs In 9.3x74r as this would be easier to regulate as it comes with a clever ring type system. Any one...
  7. Wanted: Quality Double Rifle

    Thanks chaps. will give the guns sent over some thought Regards Steve
  8. Carpathian Adventure

    Looks great well done.
  9. Can't find Chasey on site

    Jim I’m not suggesting that we are the only ones doing good stuff and I’m sure you do as well however I wrote it in the post to try and show some on here that the chap is a nice guy and very generous. And gives his time and in some cases money to very good worthwhile causes With regards to...
  10. Can't find Chasey on site

    Spoke to Chasey all is well. As for a select few on here jury’s out. The constant drivel from one or two was funny a few months ago but now it’s just boring and has led to quite a few bods I know leaving the site. The mods now need to step in and do something about these bods. I for one am now...
  11. Wanted: Quality Double Rifle

    Chaps just seeing if there is anything out there in the double rifle arena that anyone is looking to move on. Not fussed really with regards to S/S or O/U calibre wise .30.06 and up really ideally 9.3.74R or 30r blaser etc etc Budget about £4- please let me know if anyone knows of anything out...
  12. Sold: Swarovski EL 10 x 42 Binoculars

    Good luck bargain at that price. I’ve the el rangefinders cracking bins
  13. Available: Free Stalking for Police officer

    Lovely well done.
  14. Shooting stick recommendations

    I use viper flex for stalking and recon tripod with pig saddle for foxing as it clamps your rifle so your hands free for calling and spotting
  15. Sold: Camo netting

    On sent
  16. Wanted: Stalking lease

    Good luck. You may need to rejig your budget by about 2-3 times. Judging by what leases are going for in Sussex area(S)
  17. little help please

    Carl at dog trans
  18. Seems his rap sheet is much longer than I thought!

    He’s a mentalist end of. How he’s even in this elevated position amazes me. No wait it doesn’t because this is Britain and everyone deserve a cuddle and a second third and fourth chance. Sodding left liberal snowflake pain in the arses
  19. Possible terror attack London Bridge

    Again thoughts are with the victims families. But here’s an idea. Let’s double tap each and every one of em who even thinks about commuting any kind of terrorism on civilised western shores. That way they can’t be let out of prison early!!!!!!
  20. Possible terror attack London Bridge

    Also possible that him and his family are asylum seekers here in fear of there life back in worn torn wherever? It’s about time we start now thinking about us now. We’re far too tolerant. If the Uk is such a bad appresive place why oh why do the world and his wife pass through several different...