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  1. For Sale: Folding Dog Crate (Cocker Spaniel size)

    Folding dog crate; wife bought it from Amazon and used for 3mths in a Renault Clio 07plate. Changed car (Nissan Micra) and cage is to big so selling on. Collection preferred or buyer arranges uplift. £20
  2. For Sale: .20 Air Rifle Pellets

    Variety of .20 air rifle pellets, bought to try out in my HW80 but didn’t perform as well as anticipated. 3No. full tins + 1No. 4/5 full tin of H&N Diablo Baracuda pellets £35 including postage 2No. full tubs + 1No. 4/5 full tub of Logun Penetrator pellets £25 including postage 1No. full tin +...
  3. Sold: MTM Case Card

    MTM Case Card for sale (minus the ammo). Holds 9 rounds and easily slips into a decent sized pocket. Photo shows with 9 rounds of 6.5x55 ammo £10 including postage
  4. For Sale: Optilock 1” Low Mounts

    A pair of Tikka Optilock for 1” scope tube; low mounts (30mm). Apart from the dovetail screws all others replaced including the base torx screws. New inserts as well £55 + £5 p+p Ed
  5. Insurance whilst out stalking

    I recently applied for stalking to a landowner of some rough ground. The reply I got indicated that they (the landowner) needed to take out extra insurance. I thought that was why I need third party insurance myself. Is the landowner correct? Ed
  6. Helpful SD members Spice & Bez

    Just wanted to say thanks to Spice and Bez on here. Both have been very helpful to me - an unknown person to them. They have both been very accommodating in picking up articles for me and then getting them to me. Thanks gents and if you need help around the south east area of Glasgow let me...
  7. For Sale: .222 Once Fired Cases (PPU & PMC)

    Clearing out the garage I came across these that I forgot I had. Taking up space and not used so looking to get shot (pardon the pun) of them. 70No. PPU once cases £20 +p&p 100No. PMC once fired cases £25 +p&p
  8. Lynx reintroduction sites

    Well the eejits having failed at Keilder have moved north and are looking at three sites in Scotland again. When will they ever learn? Ed
  9. For Sale: 18x8j Disco 2 alloy wheels

    A set of 5 number Discovery 2 alloy wheels in decent condition although 5th one might need a bit of tidying up. 8j x 18 Suitable for Disco 2 (obviously) and P38 Range Rover. Existing tyres might need replaced. Looking for £150 Located in Wishaw/Newmains area. Collection only due to weight
  10. Rabbit problem at cemetery

    Unusual problem for the council at Inverurie. Burrowing cemetery rabbits to be gassed Interesting for the council to say that " we want to have a significant impact on the rabbit population as humanely as possible." I am not a great advocator of gassing as I think the rabbits do suffer for a...
  11. Girl injured by Stag

    On the other side of the flip coin of all the antis going on about stalking/shooting things in Scotland. We have this in London Deer attack: Girl, 7, gored by stag in London's Bushy Park - BBC News People are forgetting what wild wild animals are with this perpetual humanisation. Hope the wee...
  12. Negligent discharge

    Wow this brings a new ball game into play. Spanish fighter jet accidentally fires missile over Estonia - BBC News Wonder what type of missile got launched and which country did it end up in?
  13. Thanks to the NHS

    Well after 11 and a half months under the care of our NHS I'm finally back home after a severe case of pancreatitis and then a liver shut down. My thanks go to the nurses and doctors at Wishaw General and Edinburgh Royal for their care and dedication. It's going to be a long time before I'm...
  14. Interesting malformed head part 2

    Second photo from the back. You can can just see the base of a broken time between the ears. A pity some of the other tines were damaged otherwise I may have been tempted to take the head and get them mounted. Ed
  15. Interesting malformed head part 1

    Thought some of you on here may be interested in this bad boy Much as I'd like to claim this as my beast, he unfortunately came off second best in an argument with a train. It appears he has at least three pairs of antlers with the starter of a fourth pair. A pair of single tines at the...
  16. Deer numbers 'being badly managed'

    Aye up on the BBC news website. Deer numbers 'being badly managed' - BBC News Wonder what the recommendation will be and how they will be implemented/monitored? Ed
  17. French police sniper accidentally shoots two people

    Even the best make errors. Hope those hurt recover quickly
  18. Shotgun left on train

    This guy was really lucky - I doubt if he was a resident of the Strathclyde area he would have been so lucky as to get off with a warning! Ed
  19. A Second Distinguished Warrior Goes for the Final Debrief

    Another of our warrior troup passes away. RIP Jock - I hope we never need call on your likes again. Ed
  20. BBC iPlayer programme

    Just caught my daughter who isn't too sure about me hunting watching a programme on the iPlayer. Brainwashing Stacey - 2 Living with Big Game Hunters. sorry don't know how to link the iPlayer programme to this post. It is the best programme on hunting that I've seen in ages. Would recommend...