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  1. AW in Caithness

    Hi i have relocated to Thurso area in caithness and would be happy to carry out AW Stalks for any interested parties. PM me if you require an AW in the Caithness or Sutherland area. Regards Dalkur
  2. Looking for a GSP litter start of 2015

    Hi digs. I have a litter of GSPs born 6-11-14. The Dam is my own working deer dog and the stud is also owned by me and is an excellent Dog. The pups are 4 males and 2 females with 1 flashy male and 1 flashy bitch the others are solid liver. Regards Dalkur
  3. Two Calibers.

    22-250 and 30-06. both Sako of course. Dalkur
  4. Stalkers in the Thurso area.

    Thanks Glen, I will be working at Thurso College and also do a lot of AW Stalks down here, so maybe fingers crossed. Billy
  5. Stalkers in the Thurso area.

    Hi again, just a quick refresh, Dalkur
  6. Stalkers in the Thurso area.

    Hi All, A quick post to see if there is any stalkers on this site from the Thurso area. I am moving up next month and would appreciate the opportunity to get to meet new friends. I will be living in Thurso. Thanks Dalkur
  7. South West Scotland Shooting Range

    Cadex why dont we make our own, Dalkur. 260 vs 222 sounds good to me. !!!
  8. All the two's

    Cadex good to see 2 clean bucks, all mine seen are in velvet yet. Dalkur
  9. roe groups

    I was watching a group of 6 the other night and another group of 6 on another location. Dalkur
  10. Associations at the Stalking Fair

    As a very Active BDS Member i feel let down by the negativity shown by some on this site towards BDS. I support all true Stalkers at all levels and will be at the the fair supporting the stalking community. I will happily man a stand with other like minded BDS Members as i always do. Dalkur
  11. Please sign SAS man jailed

    sighned, God save our Hero and look after the family. Forever Greatful Dalkur
  12. roe rut

    I called an old 7 point Buck last night, there was nothing showing so decided to call for the last half hour. The buck was with a Doe who were out of sight of me but came thundering into 30yds before he stopped and was dispatched. £25 for a Buttalo had mine some time now and always accounts for...
  13. Rabs Gold Medal

    Thats a great trophy Rab, I hope we all see something like that in our lifetime. Dalkur p.s Rab is that you.!!
  14. Early rutting

    Hi Guys, Watched a Buck and Doe Wedensday Evening in cut silage field, appeared to be chasing but definetly interested. Dalkur
  15. Recieved from BDS Branch

    A final point from me. I did level 1 because i was new to Deer Stalking and wanted to at least know what was expected of me. I also Managed to get 2/3 of the cost paid by what is called a ILA (Individual Learing Account) which is availiable in Scotland to encourage us to obtain Qualifications...
  16. Recieved from BDS Branch

    With regard to BDS not informing members, it clearly states Level 1 as being the agreed standard. I dont see how thats not informing members as we all no whats required to pass Level 1 assessment. Dalkur
  17. Stick Making

    Euan, Give me a call, my mate at work is a Master at good sticks. Regards Billy
  18. Puppy with Potential?

    Hi, I own GSPs and have worked them for the past few years. I would advise not making your very nice young GSP to focused on retrieving. I used to do a lot of walked up Grouse and the difference of my dogs that were Hunters that would hold steady on point and then only Retrieve if other...
  19. BDS Branch Events What would you like to see in the programme ?

    Hi Guys, I am an active member of BDS South West Scotland, We have a very full programme going from our Range days once a month from April till Oct, Fruits of the Forest at Kilmarnock College which gives us a good social evening with our other halves and some fantastic food to our Best Practice...
  20. Deer Dog Available......

    Great Idea Cadex. I hope you are not out to often. Dalkur. p.s Abba and Lotte are also doing very good and indeed tracked and held a Doe for over a 1/2 mile.