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  1. Revenge of the Roe

    Earlier this year I spotted a red stag on my peripheral vision coming straight across from the right. I was doing 60 but only metres from a cattle grid so couldn't brake. It clipped the back of my motorbike as I passed it. I'm unlikely to have survived the crash if I'd come off as there was...
  2. Advice needed

    I used a Hilti TE-YX sds bit for my anchors which will even cut through the rebar! £30 a pop mind you.
  3. Nice Meat

    Ho ho. That's this year's Christmas card sorted
  4. Advice needed

    the The sole plate anchors were cut lengths of M16 stainless threaded bar epoxy'd into 20mm diam holes in the concrete. The ply makes the whole thing absolutely rigid. Brick **** house construction on a very exposed site in the Outer Hebrides. Cheers
  5. Advice needed

    Just finished building a standalone stable onto a concrete slab. Timber sole plate was fixed to concrete using epoxy anchors every 600mm. Timber studs were nailed to sole plate as per a normal stud partition. 18mm ply kickboard was then nailed to studs and plates at 150mm centres to provide...
  6. Smidge.

    Ho, ho. That's the ticket
  7. Smidge.

    Maybe up to to a point as it masks you scent. Unfortunately they also go for movement and body heat. Wearing dark colours ain't a good idea either. At this time of year we cover our horses in zebra fly rugs as this apparently makes it harder for the flies to find them. Time to get some zebra...
  8. Smidge.

    Pretty sure it was good for eight hours and waterproof, up to a point. I'm on the Isle of Lewis and can't remember when I last had a midge bite.
  9. Question

    All safe keys kept in an approved key safe. I fixed it in such a bloody awkward position it's difficult for me to open, even with the code
  10. Head torch

    Petzl Tikka XP. Bonus of having a red led as one of it's light sources
  11. Honorary Doctorates?

    Veterinary surgeons have been permitted to use the title since 2015, in keeping with international practice, although my other half has never done so.
  12. Replacing a stock for thumbhole boyds on styre pro hunter

    As others have said they are not a drop-in fit and you'll likely have to do a bit of work first. I pillar bedded mine to a Howa 6.5x55. It was a bit touch and go as there was very little material to work with beneath one of the action screws. However a very comfortable stock for both stalking...
  13. .17 hmr problems

    Have you fired a round with a bullet already part way up the barrel from the previous shot? I came close to doing this a couple of years back but the report didn't sound right so took a squint up the barrel (after unloading of course)
  14. Mains Energiser

    Hi benjrush I use a HotShock N50 Mains Energiser 5.0J for both pigs and horses. It needs a decent Joules output in order to burn down any vegetation. See link: Electric Fence HotShock N50 Mains Energiser 5.0J 4014803106148 | eBay
  15. Motorcycles

    I think the biggest thing you would notice is tires that aren't made of greaseproof paper and that you can ride in the rain at speed without puckering up too much :-) Otherwise just a bit better all round. Plenty of 15 -20 year old bikes out there still worth having.
  16. Motorcycles

    The trifield is a 5TA 500 engine that I slotted into 250 Crusader frame and 'trailified' it. Recon I was 35 years ahead of my time when I look at some of the mainstream stuff out there lol. Size of a modern 125 that went like the clappers. Great fun. Sold to a mate when I was trying to set...
  17. Motorcycles

    Running an XT600 and 955 Triumph Sprint ST just now. There are two other projects that I used to run but need major work to put back on the road -a 58 Trifield 500 and a Yam xs650 hardtail chop. Managed to get myself a mention in the Feb edition of Bike Magazine this month as I did a 3 day...
  18. Butchering gloves

    I use these under vinyl gloves. At this price they are practically disposable although they wash fine. They are lightweight so you still retain reasonable feel. MARIGOLD Indust FB10 Fireblade Touchstone Gloves Size 10 made with kevlar | eBay
  19. safety.

    Better a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy ...
  20. Please sign knife restriction petition

    Done 7818