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  1. Visla vs GSP / GWP

    I’m on the lookout for a pup, we‘ve always had labs but I really fancy a pointer. I have stalked with a good indicator dog and it was as good as thermal and much more rewarding. we have always had labs in my family so I fancy a lab cross, hopefully the nature and train ability of the lab and...
  2. Two more knives.

    An Elmax Scandi grind blade with stabilised yew burl scales and the elmax composite elm / laburnum with ally spacers hidden tang blade I mentioned before... it’s not quite finished as it needs another fe coats of polyx oil.
  3. Second go at a knife.

    Shaping this handle yesterday helped take my mind off the dog. It’s a chef blade with stabilised semi burr elm handle..
  4. Lost my dog this morning.

    Woke up to the dog whining and came down to find he couldn't get up, he was not happy, he's been getting more and more frail in the last few months. I took him to the vets and had him put to sleep. I've never had to do that before, it was tougher than I thought it would be. I know it was the...
  5. My first go at a knife...

    I really fancied having a dedicated skinning knife so I bought a Brisa skinner blade and put a handle on it using some yew. I’m hoping to sell knife blanks and pen blanks wholesale so this also serves the purpose of showing off the wood. It’s not perfect of course, but I was happy with is for a...
  6. Quick question

    Just being lazy, to save me a load of ringing round / googling. I have some friends coming over from Norway in January, I need to get a permit for them to bring their rifles. How do I go about this? I'm in Scotland.
  7. What to buy in Cabelas

    I’m in the states just now. Going to pop in to cabelas before I return. Any suggestions as to what to buy? Looking for stuff that’s hard to find at home or just a bargain here. Don’t say a semi auto. Lol
  8. EFAW + F 04/07/19 Berwickshire

    I’m putting all my staff through this again, we will have 4 spare spaces left on the course, we are offering these at cost price, £90 each. If anyone is interested please PM me. Cheers Tom
  9. If only we’d had a British revolution.

    When you compare the French attitude to hunting with our own I can’t help think the differences are largely down to their revolution. Before they off’d all the toffs they had a similar system to us with a well established aristocracy who hunted across their vast estates, after the revolution...
  10. Barracks

    Who won it then? It was a really nice bit of ground, I knew it from going there years ago and working along there more recently. From what I can work out it went for upwards of £25k, which I suppose a pro stalking outfit could make pay.. Anyway interested to hear folks thoughts..
  11. Sold: Home Wanted For Working Sprocker Spaniel, Liver & White

    Born August 9th both sire and dam are KC registered, this is my Mum's dog, she has recently had a hip operation and he's just too much work for her, he knocked her over today and she might have cracked a rib! My brother and I are putting our feet down and he needs to find a new home, Mum agrees...
  12. For Sale: Bushell Sportsman 3-9x40

    As above Bushell scope for sale, plex reticule. £50
  13. For Sale: Center Point 3-9x40 AO

    Parallax adjustable down to 30 feet, I was going to use this for a NV Add on, but the pard works fine on my other scope so I’m selling this. It has target type turrets and comes with rings and bases, see pics. Looking for £40
  14. Sold: Leupold VX6 3-18 X 44 CDS

    I have recently swapped over the scope on my Vartarg to one with dialable turrets. So my leupold VX6 is now for sale. This is a top end Leupold scope, the glass is really good, I can’t see any difference between this and my the S&B Zenith or my new Kahles 318i. It was around £1500 when I bought...
  15. Weather station / anemometer

    What if anything do you use? I’ve been sniping crows at fairly long ranges (for such small targets) and I’m struggling with wind reading. If the wind is over about 10mph I don’t bother with the longer shots but in a light breeze I can go quite far out. Inside 300m I hit pretty much 100% of the...
  16. Sold: Lyman Pro500 scales

    As above for sale, in box. £35 posted. i thought I had already advertised these but can’t find the thread..
  17. Good old Lee Dies.

    I was doing some load development recently and having decided on a charge weight I tried experimenting with the seating depth. While I was at it I thought i’d try some neck sized brass vs some FL sized brass. It tried two depths in both sized brass types, everything else was identical. The neck...
  18. Fox trap.

    I need to remove a couple of foxes from a clients garden, very urban site so shooting them is not an option. I was going to buy some new cage traps and was wondering if any of you have any recommendations regarding make and model. I once had an old one but it’s gone now. Also what’s your...
  19. First go with Optimal Charge Weight.

    So I thought I’d try the OCW method and see what happened. I have been meaning to work up a load for the 7-08 with 162 amax of which I have a lot. I was using N550 and according to the Vihtavuori load data the max for a 160gn bullet was 41.8, there was no data for the 162 amax. As the amax has a...
  20. Favourite Sharpening Methods?

    I tried an experiment the other day, I was sharpening 3 of my work knives and all the kitchen knives. These days I use the Worksharp Guided Sharpening System, this one: for years I had a water stone and whilst good it was messy, and slow and also it...