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  1. Varget dilemma

    I'm using it in a similar size cartridge with a similar weight bullet, its a slower powder than N140 so more suited to a heavier bullet, Reload Swiss will also email you load data if you contact them, other than that no reason :)
  2. Varget dilemma

    for 175gn I would try RS60, it works fine in my 7.5x55 with 174gn bullets
  3. Time for another meet at the Doghouse

    I can probably make it
  4. 308 hunting bullet recommendations

    Sierra 150gn Prohunter, GameKing has a boat tail, some people like that as its seen as easier to seat, the flat bottom pro-hunter is said to stabilise faster than a boat tail, as long as you aren't shooting long distance then I suspect the cheaper pro hunter is more than enough for the job
  5. Countryside Alliance Insurance Cover No Longer Available in Republic of Ireland

    change in circumstances, no reason why they need to explain it at this point, I'm sure it will all come out in time, in the meantime they are giving you notice that you will need to make other arrangements. Ceratinly worth finding out if your lifetime membership will still give insurance cover...
  6. Shooting in Fort Worth, Texas

  7. Changed from .308 to .243

    mine did :p
  8. Stalking with a service rifle

    now theres a thought, I could try it with the diopter fitted :D
  9. Stalking with a service rifle

    I have a K31, I will load it with what I have, either/or 150 grain pro hunters, or 180grn soft points, I will most likely use the iron sights and keep the range to less than 150 m I expect it will do the business
  10. Nice To See In 2019

    Oxford covered market last weekend
  11. Scope Reducing Rings

    its the rings interfering with the ejection that can cause a problem,, as the overhang the ejection port, not as bad as a 30mm tube scope admittedly, but something to think about maybe?
  12. Scope Reducing Rings

    just use standard 1" dovetail airrifle rings, its what Pierre St Marie recommends (and he makes the clamp on adaptors )
  13. How Long is Too Long?

    I thought we agreed your love life was going to remain private :p
  14. For Sale: GSG Firefly

    nice, it looks like a copy of my Sig P75, but with more barrel....
  15. Oil inside of barrel after bore cleaner?

    my K31 starts the day off with grease in the barrel from the last time it was used, generally Swiss Army Automatenfett (because thats whats in my cleaning kit) if I remember it gets a dry patch through it before shooting, if I don't remember the cloud of smoke reminds me :p as long as you don't...
  16. Falcon scopes

    I have a couple of Falcon M18s FFP and SFP both are clear, don't mist up, and track well and as both have mil/mil adjustments and reticles are helpful in range use for quick adjustments, they work well with add on NV as well, are they as clear as my S&Bs? not really but more than useable, can't...
  17. Still paying

    is that a serious question? or just more of the jingoistic bullcrap you get thrown into social media by people who have never bothered to look further than the comics ?
  18. Still paying

    there you go, they are not your lackeys to do everything YOU want, if you want that then vote in some yes men, and then come back bleating when they vote against your wishes because someone else paid them more :p
  19. Best calibre?

    doing well thank you as are the 2 .308s and the 7.5 :cool:
  20. Best calibre?

    Simon, what you mean is you like the girly recoil :p