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  1. SD Members Ball.

    even then there would be 2000 people left in the car park! there's a clue
  2. SD Members Ball.

    You will need to book the O2, any idea on how many members there are on here?
  3. The 2020 Rule...

    Nope you have to sell it to me cheap quick didn't you read the small print
  4. The 2020 Rule...

    Any of you Boz got a 1964 Calender?
  5. The 2020 Rule...

    Tell me when you were born and I'll bang out a set of numbers for you
  6. Wanted: karesuando axe

  7. The 2020 Rule...

    1. take the sum of 79 Rifles 2. minus your age 3. add 40 Rounds of ammo 4, equals the year you were born!! 5. If true, buy a new Rifle and that's the 2020 Rule
  8. Advise please .204 ruger or .222 rem

    222 (although I have a 204 setup for sale on here and should be pushing that...)
  9. Wanted: Barbour Longshoreman

    Be careful on the sizing of these items, mine (not for sale) is an XL and I normally am a Barbour L (44) but the smock is a fab fit. I think that in the past I had an L and it was too small for me and I had to resel it, these do hold their price but in my opinion worth it
  10. How long before Harry becomes an anti?

    The James Bond job is up soon
  11. Vacancy: Deer advisors with FC

    Deer Advisor Bristol
  12. If we had to go to war

    Sounds like the infantry regiment number is 2020 and the plume is yellow...
  13. Wet weather stalking?

    get out there
  14. Greetings from South Africa

    Welcome Cliff
  15. Feeding deer ?

    are you looking after the browse that they first came for, buildings built are threatening (how to camouflage them) and changing the wind direction, food isn't their only instinct you have to reapply for?
  16. Never mind Jeremy,have a look at the vision.

    and from what we are seeing it's still going strong, is there a plan?
  17. Mannlicher Schoenauers

    weldone to you Sir, a gentleman's rifle indeed
  18. Your three favourite food items are?

    JP I thought this was going to be one of your dry jokes mucker? Smoked this, Smoked that, then something a bit Smoked, but good to see you are maintaining sanity under the circumstances. Good company makes for a good meal...
  19. 114.98

    one thing for sure JP all on here are rooting for you and wish you and your family the very best mucker
  20. For those who like a bit of fishing....

    yep enjoyed that, thanks for the heads-up