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  1. Round stuck in magazine

    The CZ handbooks are on line. Worth downloading one as a pdf and printing it out. David.
  2. Round stuck in magazine

    What rifle and is it a detacheable magazine? Some of the detacheable ones are strippable which would let you get the stuck round out and see what is causing the problem. David.
  3. Dislike Of Like!

    In my case I am sure they are a reward for bigotry. David.
  4. Sold: Zeiss Duralyt 3-12x50

    Sorry to be rude, but isn't that a non-illuminated 6 ret? David.
  5. BASC Director

    He was one of the few Labour MPs to vote against the blanket ban imposed after Dunblane. David.
  6. My New Year's Day rifle Arrives.

    I'm just pleased, if a little surprised, that you have room for another rifle Andrew. :stir: Enjoy, David.
  7. Wanted: 19mm high for CZ

    Sorry just moved a set on. Try Sportsmatch. They work and are quite reasonable. David.
  8. How Many Cylinders Ya Got Man?

    I am afraid I am an amateur at this. 8 in two cars. 3 in grasscutting machinery 3 in chainsaws 1 in hedgecutter 1 in leafblower. So that is a mere 16. David.
  9. Shotgun problem

    Well, that is my "being right" for 2020 done. All downhill now!! :D David. PS. Glad it worked.
  10. Shotgun problem

    The ejectors might have "fired" as well. You will have to recock them on a piece of softwood if this is the case. I mean the levers protrudong from the front of the action. David.
  11. Wanted: karesuando axe

    Which size? David.
  12. Rediscovering the humble .22

    Not like any school round here. Would that we were that sensible. David.
  13. Which hunting boots?

    I always feel that the trouble with advising people on boots is the first thing is they have to fit! And what fits me might not fit you. David.
  14. Swapping stocks.

    Fit a kit to adjust the stock length on both. Then you can both be "lapins joyeux"! David. PS. How is Rhian? You spoil that girl! You wouldn't catch me behaving like that. Bah humbug!
  15. Mounts for CZ ZKK 601

    You need to check the size on the dovetails on your rifle. They are 30mm. mounts and the dovetails on my CZ550 are about 19mm at the widest point. David.
  16. Mounts for CZ ZKK 601

    I think I have a set of Warnes in 30mm that fit a CZ550, if the scope bridges are the same you can have them for a tenner and postage. I will check the size. David.
  17. Swapping stocks.

    The floorplate/drop box might make a difference. Just try gently. If it fits you are on a winner. David.
  18. Swapping stocks.

    Parker Hales were built on a standard length Mauser action. Should all be the same length. David.
  19. Mounts for CZ ZKK 601

    I think sportsmatch do them. Drop them an email, they are very helpful. David.
  20. Swapping stocks.

    Quite a good guess I suspect! David.