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    I'm up for renewal iv'e filled in my GP application at my doctors in Herne Bay put it in on Monday ...... Tuesday i got a call to drop £25 to them and they said they will post next day i thought it was a very good service and very reasonable :british: hope others have a simple experience as i...
  2. Wanted: Sako 75 extended picatinny rail

    Looking for the above 74mm center for Sako 75 L579 short action thought i would try here first ??????
  3. Wanted: Tumbling Media

    Hi to all probably been asked before what do people find to be the best tumbling media as i've just got one to clean my brass
  4. Wanted: MAE MODERATOR

  5. Foxes

    The foxes are barking well at the moment anybody else heard them ???????????
  6. Wanted: Lyman primer arm

    Hi lads has anybody got a spare primer arm for the lyman spar t 6 turret press , must be the steel one not the alloy one and with the spring
  7. Wanted: Scope mounts

    I've got a Photon RT and have run out of windage adjustment to the left has anyone got any Sportsmatch adjustable mounts 30mm before i buy new ???????? FOR A CZ 527
  8. Helion xq50f

    Ive been offered a HELION XQ50F , does anybody on here use one or know what they are like ????????????
  9. Sold: Sierra 243 70 blitzking bt

    94 in total £27.00 posted
  10. Sold: Speer bullets 243,85 grain btsp

    94 in total £27.00 posted
  11. Photos

    WHY IS IT SOME OF US CAN NOT UPLOAD PHOTOS ???????????? :rofl:
  12. Wanted: RCBS powder measure micrometer

    Has anybody got one they don't want ?
  13. Wanted: Manlicher 25.06

    Is there anybody out there got a bolt diagram or know where i can get a diagram for a manlicher 25.06
  14. Sold: Lyman .308 die set

    lyman 3 die set in ,308 little used good condition £38.00 posted
  15. Sold: Hogue pistol grips

    HOGUE SMITH AND WESSON £18.00 posted
  16. For Sale: Hogden hs-7

    hogden hs-7 new £29.00 collected
  17. For Sale: Hogden longshot

    hogden longshot new £29.00 collected
  18. Sold: Lapua 6.5x55

    6.5 x 55 cases 56 new and 10 once fired £32.00 posted
  19. For Sale: 7x57 mauser precision die set

    7x57 mauser die set £35.oo posted
  20. Sold: Cz527 picatinney rail

    Cz 527 picatiney rail 120 mm long with 8 allen screw fixings with key photos on request via email as photos wont load up £48.00 posted