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  1. Happy Santa

    Why is Santa always so happy? Because he knows where all the naughty girls live! David.
  2. Wanted: British Army MTP Heavyweight Goretex Jacket 190/120

    As above in good condition and fatboy size. Many thanks, David.
  3. Saddlery and Gun Room.

    Really helpful people here. To tell the tale I found a little used but very reasonably priced Mossberg 535 plastic stocked wildfowling musket locally. I try and take people wildfowling as my guest to "indocrinate" them into the sport. In many cases it is useful to have a spare gun with 3.5 inch...
  4. CZ 550s

    Really just idle curiosity because it came up in conversation but did the CZ 550 action come in various lengths. I always thought that they came in one length and the bigger magnum action but I recently heard different. There must be a proper rifle builder on here who genuinely knows...
  5. 2019 BASC Elections

    I am just back from my holidays and have had a look at the candidates for the current election. I am not sure who to vote for, but I must say I am very dubious about the way BASC is currently run! So my question is, why elect someone who has been on council before and therefore has had a hand in...
  6. What are push notifications?

    As above, what are push notifications and what happens if I enable them? David.
  7. New Zealand information please. Non shooting.

    We are off to New Zealand in March. Not a shooting holiday, just a month driving round and seeing stuff. So:- Is it a good plan to get a local sim card and put it into a spare phone? If so which card? I thought I might pack a "smuggler" type fly rod and a few flies. If I do what are the...
  8. Stock Inlets.

    I am sure someone can help on here. My questions are:- Is the inlet for a stock on a CZ550 the same as that on a BRNO 600? Secondly how do these two compare to the inlet on a Mauser 98? Many thanks, David.
  9. BASC Council Elections again.

    OK people, it is getting to that time of year again. BASC has a vacancy on council coming up. We (as a collective) need more influence there so we need a good candidate. Please could soeone think about standing. I am obviously not the right person but we do need a a good candidat. Many thanks...
  10. For Sale: For Sale. Truck Binoculars.

    I have a couple of pairs of truck, useful spares or get someone started binoculars. Firstly. A pair of Zeiss Jena (East German) 8 x 30s. Thes are in very good condition with a nice clean original leather case. I would hesitate in advising purchasing if you wear glasses stalking as they have...
  11. Scope for Pulsar Core 50 front mounted

    Hello all knowledgable people. I have been asked for some advice on a scope for this. I am a NV numpty. Any useful advice would be appreciated. Side focus good? Type of coatings that are good or bad? Even the shape of the front bell? I know there is a lot of stuff on here but I am not informed...
  12. nick100

    Hello Nick, Your inbox is full. David.
  13. The Kindness of SD.

    It often strikes me how kind people are on this forum. It was brought home to me again. I had been having a bit of a moan about something and all of a sudden I got a PM offering to help me out. This was completely out of the blue and a great offer. I couldn't take the offer up which was...
  14. Problems in Botswana

    Very sad news. This may be an effect of the new President but it is very worrying for the future of Game in Botswana. Dozens of elephants killed near Botswana wildlife sanctuary - BBC News
  15. All the Bells and Whistles.

    I will admit to being a bit of a luddite, I think I am quite up to date because both my centrefires have illuminated rets!!!! :) I have no experience of digital night vision or thermal but I look at some of the reviews and adverts and they all seem to have facilities to record shots, bluetooth...
  16. Meopta Meopro 3.5-10x44

    As above, I have been offered one (Never used still in the box) by an acquaintance. It is the illuminated reticle version. As I understand it the Meopro is the entry level Meopta but the illumination is tempting. Anybody here got any experience of this version. Thanks in advance, David.
  17. Dewi Sant

    Happy St. David's day all. David.
  18. Radioactive Boar in Sweden?

    I was reading the Daily Telegraph on Saturday and there was a report that Boar in area around Gavle had been found to be rather radioactive. Apparently this is a leftover from Chernobyl and the boar are so effected because they turn over the soil so much. Any truth in this or is it just a good...
  19. Talking Stalking, Eagles Hotel, Llanrwst. 10th. October 2017.

    I have just heard from Derek Williams, BASC Wales that this is the new date for the latest talking stalking evening in North Wales. Sorry for any confusion caused. David.
  20. Talking Stalking, Eagles Hotel, Llanrwst. 7pm. 6th. September 2017

    This appears in the latest copy of Shooting and Conservation. I hadn't heard a peep until the weekend. Anybody going? I will probably go. Best wishes, David.