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  1. For Sale: Beretta 682 Gold (Greystone)

    682 Gold (Greystone) 12 gauge, 28" long Teague chokes (x6). Beautiful hand made stock plus a second hand made Essevierre stock (slightly higher), made by Rinaldo as a speare stock for this gun. £1790 Custom made aluminium flight case available also available - £160
  2. For Sale: Browning 425 Prestige

    425 Prestige 12 gauge - 30" Multi, very little used in excellent condition £1650
  3. Ethical hunting should be protected by law?

    I was only half joking to a group of friends whilst at a Christmas shoot dinner, my suggestion was that "hunting and gathering", could be regarded as a form of religion, and therefore protected in law, ensuring that the tools needed to practice, cannot be removed. Of course we had many...
  4. New Rifle’s Resolution

    After a trip abroad, a few day’s game and rough shooting, the moment has come to give the 6.5 Cr an outing and to start my bucket list for 2020, one each, male and female of the UK’s six. So there we were, getting the kit together this morning after a late night and no surprise, we didn’t hit...
  5. Sako Sling & Carbon Wolf

    New sling for the Carbon Wolf. Couldn't get one here so asked a friend to pick one up whilst in Canada. Not too convinced as the quality of the leather, time will tell but coming from across the seas it wasn't expensive. Grips well, comfortable but a bit on the stiff side at the moment...
  6. 12v Portable Deer Lift

    Too far for me otherwise I may have been tempted
  7. High Seat Firsts

    After chickening out to the weather last week, I managed to get out yesterday, didn't take the new 6.5 Creedmoor (yet to use in anger), but used the .270 Finnlight with it's new Hardy Gen 6 Compact. Needed to make a start on the hinds, but what with the weather, some small calves, venison...
  8. Sako 85 OCL .270 Win

    Just spent more time than intended getting the OCL for a Finnlight 85 in .270 Cal using 130g Accubonds. Long story short, the closest I can get these to the lands is 0.145", ultimately dictated by magazine length. I would have preferred to get them closer but not too concerned as the 130g...
  9. Portable Bench Rest

    Don't know why I never thought of this before........ easy to take the bench to a firing position, take off and put on with a few cable ties. Used it a couple of times and find it very useful. Bike seat sits on top of a 25 litre drum
  10. Stalking in this weather

    Between one thing and another, I haven't been able to put the time in during the Sika rut. When I've had time, the weather's been awful, just like at the moment in the south. Was going out this afternoon, tomorrow and Sunday but the gales and heavy rain mean I'll just do Sunday. Did manage to...
  11. Unusual visitor

    Seen her first a couple of weeks ago but still hanging around the house and quite tame.
  12. Hardy Gen VI Compact

    As per the title, can anyone using a Gen VI Compact give us some thoughts? I've just looked at a test on 31 different moderators and they compare favorably but there's no indication of longevity and it's sometimes nice to hear thoughts from actual users.
  13. For Sale: Roedale Ultralight IV Suppressor - .30 Cal / M14 Thread

    As title, for sale, as new Roedale Ultralight IV Suppressor with extra baffle- .30 Cal / M14 Thread for sale - £125 , only 40 rds through it. South Wales or can RFD to RFD at buyer cost.
  14. For Sale: Tikka M55 Sporter - .22/250

    My M55 is up for sale as I do more on foot nowadays as compared to what I used to do from a vehicle and therefore need a lighter rifle. It's an old rifle that I've owned for something like 25 years. Still shoots well with 36.5g of Varget and 55g BT's. Rifle, Picattiny rail, T8 Moderator, two...
  15. Re-chargeable dehumidifiers

    Just bought a couple of these after finding some light surface rust at the muzzle of one of the shotguns in a cabinet. The cabinet is installed on an interior wall but it's surprising what effect temperature differences can make. These little units are full of gel that soak up moisture and an...
  16. Decent Rain Jackets

    Anyone used any of these :- Flexothane Dortmund Rain Jacket - Zoro UK - Experts in Hand Tools, Power Tools and PPE or the Elka Forestry Jacket - Elka Forestry Jacket (179801) ⋆ PPG Workwear | Embroidered Workwear Clothing and PPE Suppliers in the UK Looking for waterproofs that can be used...
  17. Tikka T3x Bedding

    Just picked up a T3x stainless in 22/250 to replace my trusted M55 Sporter in the same calibre as nowadays I spend more time on foot rather than using the rifle from a vehicle and the T3x will be easier on the shoulder. Anyhow, just taking a look at it and as per previous threads, some have...
  18. Airport scanners and powder residue

    Just had an interesting experience..... well, my wife actually. Just going through security at Heathrow and somewhere along the line she's been pulled up for residue, I assume explosives. We travel many times every year but always associated with shotgun shooting and in many years, no scan...
  19. 6.5 Creedmoor Starter Loads

    Can anyone offer some advice on starter and max loads for the following bullets? Nosler Accubond 140g Nosler Accubond 130g Nosler Ballistic Tip 140g Hornady V Max 95g Both Accubonds can comfortably be set 0.020" of the lands, the Ballistic tip will be nearer 0.050" off the lands but not...
  20. Available: Roe Buck Dorset

    25th/26th May if anyone would like some Roe Buck stalking. Yearling to representative bucks available, high seat or walk although stalking offers the best chances currently. Rolling hillside and plenty of animals, average fitness required for walking. PM me for details. DM