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  1. man shot with thermal

    video interesting footage.
  2. Sold: 100no. Norma .308 Brass once fired

    100no. Norma .308 Brass once fired with the plastic holders. £35 including postage.
  3. pheasant shooting video

    not good. ‘Abomination’ of pheasants dumped into pit by digger "We all need to take responsibility to keep shooting out of the headlines for the wrong reasons" -
  4. For Sale: Standard Blaser R8 .243 Barrel factory screwcut used.

    Standard Blaser R8 .243 Barrel factory screwcut used. Collect Chester £380
  5. valuation blaser barrel

    hopefully the right place for this? does anyone know how much a used .243 blaser R8 would be worth? I have had it from new but maybe shot 300 rounds but have always used my 308 barrel.
  6. Trophy importers

    Has anyone any recommendations for trophy importers? kent logistics doesn’t seem to exist anymore and I have emailed rainbow.
  7. Zeiss customer service

    I have managed to lose the ballistic ring on my zeiss v8 riflescope. I sent an email to zeiss uk about 2 weeks ago and heard nothing. Another email and I have been told to speak with East coast binocular repairs? The gentleman was very pleasant on the phone but did not think that I would be...
  8. norma ecostrike 308

    does anyone know who stocks this in the northwest?
  9. elephant charges tourists - Elephant charges at safari vehicle pretty cool when the guy gets out his rifle. :D
  10. Blaser Primus Binoculars

    has anyone had a look through a pair of these?
  11. has anyone else watched this cartoon?

    Adam Ruins Everything - Why Trophy Hunting Can Be Good for Animals - YouTube
  12. Best moderator

    I have been using a Atec maxim for a few years. Is there anything better in the market?
  13. Sold: Ward-D-Vision 700 Digital Night Vision

    i am going to switch to thermal so am selling my WDV 700 NV addon. I expect that most know about the abilities of this unit. Purchased 19 October 2015. Comes with: WDV 700 Charger 3no. scope rings rubber eyepiece i am also including Black sun B671 IR illuminator. 1no. 18650 battery...
  14. unusual request near chester/manchester

    an acquaintance of mine is looking for 3-4 pints of deer blood so he can make black pudding for an event next weekend. i cant get out this weekend on my syndicate as someone has already booked it. i am open to suggestions! :oops:
  15. bench rest for zeroing and cleaning

    i am looking for something to zero off and help with rifle cleaning. i was either thinking of a full bench rest like this or a front rest with a rear bag...
  16. Sold: 308 brass norma/sako

    i had a clear out this morning and have the following for sale. 99no. Sako .308 69no. Norma .308 all casings have been fired once through the same rifle. £25 plus postage.
  17. Artschool's Xmas Competition

    Ok so with the permission of the moderators i thought i might add some festive cheer to this great website that enables us all to get out hunting with like minded people! The actual range is...
  18. South Africa 2016

    So the working year has come to an end and i thought i would take the time to write up my September trip to Limpopo, South Africa. This year i was very fortunate to have the company of my good friend Dan who was on his first trip out to SA. I would love to say that the travel over was...
  19. Wanted: driven boar shooting for 2 people january

    driven boar shooting for 2 people january. was thinking germany but would consider further afield.
  20. is this a tick?

    found this little guy on my desk. 3.5mm in length.