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  1. New sako

    I think that they would go for a decocker or a switch barrel model before a straight pull, but who knows.......
  2. Available: Free stalk

    Great offer, again SD at it´s best.
  3. CZ 527 Tactical stock.

    There was a HS Presision varmint stock before, not sure about a purely tactical version.
  4. The "Perfect" Lightweight Stalking Rifle

    Good luck. I read that some of the Kimber Montanas over here (5+ yrs ago)had accuracy issues only finally sorted by importers rebarrelling them. The blued/wood versions ok. Obviously being lightweight makes accuracy shooting more challenging. Let us know how you get on with it.
  5. A little rope trick.

    This. Learnt it 30 yrs ago at the start of my arb career.
  6. Stiffening Stock

    Keep an eye out on the classifieds, or drop a mail to Ed at Edinburgh rifles. McMillans come up at reasonable prises from time to time.
  7. Do I need a 7x57?

    Very nice.
  8. It’s been a long day

    Been out foxing all night. Off to a mates to test some training loads, assembled yesterday,for the 6.5 and some quadstick practice with the 308. Seen as most hunting here stops at Xmas, reloading and shooting is an enjoyable/social way to keep shooting skills maintained off season.
  9. Annealing cases

    Just a non perfumed hand soap.
  10. NEC Shooting Show - Petition to ban it

  11. Annealing cases

    Thanks to Alantoo. Finally got round to trying case annealing. Used the soap and socket method which worked a treat :tiphat:
  12. Wanted: .243 wanted

    See advert under Tikka 595, wood stock but in budget.
  13. JAGD & HUND 2020 Dortmund

    Hopefully next year.
  14. Quickload

    243w presumably.
  15. 17 rem seating depth

    How does it shoot? Never measured the lands on mine, just seated to standard c.o.l and it shoots boringly accurate. 4 shots at 100m. Latest load development.
  16. Renewal and your digital profile

    It's a shame that the police don't follow up the numerous death threats and general harassment that alot of hunters/shooters receive on social media. How people can get away with threatening peoples families and livelihoods without repercussion is amazing, the evidence is there to see.....
  17. Time to go...

    Nice one Tim. Some lovely colours on the drakes.
  18. how to keep rifle away from rusting ?

    The inside of the cabinet? :lol:
  19. UK Hunting Licence

    As regarding point 3. Shooters are the greatest conservationists and have been for centuries. I don't think that any amount of money ploughed back into conservation will change the opinion of shooting by the great unwashed. They have made up their minds that killing animals for sport, even...
  20. Full moon = sleepless nights

    Fox fever :), for me at least. Shooting over bait all winter, full moon and snow crystals glittering. Add a fully pelted adult fox gliding in to the bait, makes the sleepless hours and minus degrees worth it.